A Complete Guide to Planning a Birthday Party at Home

All birthdays are special, whether your child is celebrating another year older or reaching a milestone. And hosting a birthday bash is one of the best ways to bring everyone together. But planning a birthday party at home can feel overwhelming without the proper checklist.

From organizing the supplies to keeping track of the guest list, there are lots of details to consider along the way. Luckily, we’ve combined all of the essential tasks into this step-by-step guide to help everything run smoothly as the big day arrives.

Let’s get planning!







The first step to planning a birthday party at home begins with a few basics:

  • Create a party budget to help with different expenses like decorations, entertainment, food, and gifts
  • Think of a super fun theme that your child will love
  • Make a guest list to determine how many people will attend and whether it’ll only be friends, family, or both
  • Save the date! When choosing a date and time, you may want to consider a few options to accommodate the guests
  • (Optional) Depending on your budget, book any birthday performers and/or photographers



Psst! Want to make it an Our Generation party theme? Decorate your home with balloons, streamers, ribbons, and tablecloths in pink and yellow colors. Your child’s friends can also RSVP with their dolls!



Once you’ve created the guest list, set aside some time to prepare the invitations and other activities:

  • Order or craft the invitations. For added fun, decorate the invitations with supplies that match your party’s theme
  • Include the party’s start and end time, phone number, and directions
  • Plan which types of activities and games the kids will participate in. You can also print out coloring sheets to include as a party favor
  • Purchase the party supplies and decorations needed to turn your home into the perfect party space



  • Plan your party menu (if you’re staying true to the OG party theme, how cute would it be to bring their favorite doll’s food to life! Take inspiration from the Party is Served set, Party Time desserts table, or the Oh So Sweet Cart. You can also add pies, cupcakes, and other baked goods to the mix)
  • Place your order for the birthday cake (ordering in advance will help you avoid any potential hiccups down the road)
  • Scoop up the birthday gifts (if shopping online, make sure your item(s) will arrive on time)



With the big day around the corner, give yourself enough time to complete any remaining to-dos.

  • Confirm with the guests and send out any last-minute details
  • Go grocery shopping for finger foods, drinks, and yummy munchies you plan on serving
  • Complete any baked goods (if baking)
  • Wrap the birthday presents (make sure there’s no peeking!)
  • Buy necessary supplies like plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery (opt for plastic dinnerware to make cleaning up much easier)
  • Double-check for candles
  • Create a party playlist to dance to



One more day!

  • Pick up the cake if ordered and remember to check if everything is perfect
  • Decorate your home by hanging banners, streamers, balloons, and the rest of the supplies
  • Set up the activities, games, and party favors
  • Prep the dining area with plates, napkins, and utensils.
  • Create a mini space where the dolls can sit and join the party




Hooray! You made it!

  • Finish up any last-minute decorating
  • Complete the serving table with the finger foods, drinks, and other munchies
  • Tye balloons to the front door to welcome guests
  • Start the music playlist
  • Take photos of the party scene and cake to create lasting memories (and to celebrate your hard work!)



We hope this planning guide will help make your next birthday party a spectacular celebration!

Bunny-Approved Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Finding the perfect combination of Easter basket gifts can be a tough egg to crack. But we know the best baskets include something colorful, something incredibly cuddly, and all things fun!

Explore our Easter basket gift ideas below and discover a collection of thoughtful items that kids will love to open, including an activity that adds a mystery twist to a classic egg scavenger hunt. Plus, if you’re looking for items to hide inside your Easter eggs, we’ve selected a few special surprises that will make the perfect prize!

Let’s hop to it!






For artsy little bunnies, take your Easter basket one hop further by treating them to a non-messy art activity with 3 coloring sheets, each with a fun theme to let their creativity shine!


Happy Bunny Coloring Sheet

Egg Hunt Coloring Sheet

Springtime Coloring Sheet


ADORABLE BASKET STUFFERS6-inch Posable Golden Poodle Pup Pets Plush Dog Movable Legs for 18-inch Dolls Loya; Pals Collection

Filling up Easter baskets is almost as fun as watching kids open them—especially when they include soft, cuddly pets!

Loyal pals like kittens and puppies bring extra cheer to an Easter basket. And because these furry friends have posable legs with breed-specific details, the playtime possibilities will have them jumping for joy!

Meet our fan-favorite pets, featuring an American Shorthair Kitten, American Eskimo Pup, Golden Poodle PupPomeranian Pup, and Scottish Terrier Pup.




Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee


Open up worlds of storytelling with 6-inch mini dolls and their very own storybook! From ballet to slumber parties, kids can explore fun themes while discovering new passions. And the illustrated chapters let them recreate their favorite scenes for more engaging play moments.

Start baking with Jenny. Ice Skate with Katelyn. Care for Keisha. Twirl with Sydney Lee. Plan a Slumber Party with Willow!






Planning the ultimate egg hunt challenge? Turn it into a super fun mystery game with our Scavenger Hunt Clues and make this year’s tradition more exciting!

How it works: Hide the eggs indoors or outdoors (or both!) using the places in each clue. Then place the clues inside their basket and watch them scramble to find each one. Happy hunting!





PetBunny Set set up with bowls HATCH  ME IF YOU CAN – EASTER EGG SURPRISES

What’s better than finding a hidden egg? Finding a surprise inside!

Instead of filling all your eggs with treats and candy, add something extra special that encourages interactive play. Small accessories like the Rock N’ Sweet hairstyling set or mini, realistically detailed pets let kids share the excitement with their dolls!

From furry critters to a friendly reptile, create an assortment of surprise animal-filled Easter eggs with a bunny, kitten, guinea pig, birdie, and turtle!





We hope our Easter basket gift ideas will help make this year’s holiday a hoppy celebration filled with love and laughter. And check out our Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls) for more fun and adventure!

Gift Guide: 10 Fun Easter Gifts for Kids

Surprising kids with the perfect gift can be tons of fun, especially when you know they’ll be full of excitement! From decorating and exploring dress-up to creating magical stories, our list of Easter Gifts for Kids opens up worlds of pretend-play possibilities for those who can’t wait to let their imagination spring into action. And whether you’re searching for toys that stay true to the Easter theme or ones that will maximize their playtime, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So hop into our Easter gift guide and discover how you can make this year’s holiday all the more memorable!






Our Generation Nova 18-inch Fashion Reveal Doll

An All-New Fashion Reveal Doll

Kids can explore the fun of decorating with Nova! Her dress features pattern-changing designs that appear with water, and her inspiring styling guide includes 3 colorful hair tutorials to create extra bright looks.





Our Generation Tooth Fairy Outfit Lost Tooth Case 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Dolls sold separately)



Tooth Fairy Outfit

For those who love to play out fairy tales, this enchanting outfit turns any Our Generation doll into a wonderful tooth fairy (as long as they believe in the power of magic, hehe!). Featuring a pair of wings and a tooth box that holds a child’s real baby tooth, kids can enjoy the tooth fairy journey just as much as their dolls. All it takes is a wave of the wand, and voila!




Our Generation Rabbits & Carrots Baking Outfit & Cupcakes for 18-inch Dolls
(Dolls sold separately)


Rabbits & Carrots

Hippity, hoppity, poof! Dressed in their Easter best, this adorable rabbit-themed baking outfit lets your dolls join in the festivities as an ear-esistible bunny who bakes cupcakes for friends!






Our Generation Baker's Kitchen Set for 18-inch Dolls


Baker’s Kitchen Set

Missing the accessories you need to start baking? Take sweet treats to the next cute level with a kitchen set that includes a pop-up toaster, a whistling tea kettle, and a donut-making machine to craft the ultimate dessert menu!




Our Generation Rainbow Unicorn Outfit & Cloud Pillow for 18-inch Dolls
(Dolls sold separately)


Rainbow Unicorn

Shake up their bedtime wardrobe with a cute and colorful pajama dress! This outfit features a 3D unicorn horn and mini ears on the hood to make slumber parties and dress-up a dream come true.






Our Generation Oh So Sweet Dessert Cart 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Dolls sold separately)


Oh So Sweet

Surprise them after the egg hunt with the perfect prize! This rolling dessert cart invites their favorite dolls to share in the candy-filled fun with 25 colorfully charming treats and 3 balloons to prep for the grand opening! 






Our Generation Party Pups Birthday Decoration Set Dog Plush Pets 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Pets sold separately)



Party Pups

What’s the best thing about a party? Everybody can participate in the celebration! The Party Pups set includes decorations, tasty treats, and a birthday hat and scarf that fits all Our Generation plush pets. So their loyal pals and stuffed animal friends can gather and wag their tails with joy.




Our Generation Palomino Party Foal Toy Horse



Palomino Party Foal

Room for one more party guest? This beautiful baby horse comes with a saddle blanket decorated in a rainbow sprinkle print, a bag of heart-shaped treats, and a mini carrot cupcake!



Patio Treats Trolley for 18-inch Dolls



Patio Treats Trolley

The perfect furniture set to welcome outdoor parties, kids can prep for big events by rolling out a colorful combination of detailed fruit, drinks, and treats! The Patio Treats Trolley also features a marble-like countertop with storage shelves that make transporting goodies fun and easy.





Our Generation Fashion Starter Kit & 18-inch Doll Cambi

Butterfly Fashion Starter Cambi

Celebrate friendship while discovering fun styles with Cambi and her mix-and-match outfits! She’s part of the OG Fashion Starter Collection that features 5 friends who love to express their personalities and passions through their one-of-a-kind accessories.

Meet all 5 fashion dolls and explore each theme together!







There are so many ways to enjoy the Easter holiday and spring season with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope our list of Easter Gifts for Kids will help you make them smile from ear to ear. And we know that each item will open up a world of playful adventures! Check out our Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls) for more fun and excitement in the OG Neighborhood!

What Can Dentist Toys Teach Kids?

Whether you’re looking to help teach your child about proper dental hygiene, reduce their fears about dentist visits, or just looking for fun-filled sets, dentist toys can bring lots of benefits and excitement to playtime. Which is why choosing the right kind of toys is just as important as playing with them. Dentist playsets and accessories should provide fun solutions to your challenges, and they should give kids the chance to explore any storytelling possibility that they can imagine.


So, what can dentist toys teach children? Aside from leaving every doll patient and child dentist filling happy (hehe), let’s find out!







What is a dentist? What do they do? And what exactly is that tool used for?

For kids, the answers to these questions might be better explained through play. In other words, showing rather than telling. The Absotoothly Awesome accessory set lets kids explore routine procedures with realistic tools like a dental scaler and air/water syringe, see what a tooth looks like on the inside, and learn how to care for their teeth. By demonstrating how to use each tool on their dolls first, they will know which checkup the dentist will perform. And it might also give them an idea of what they want to pursue when they grow up!



If they feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist, allowing them to role play in the comfort of their own home is a great way to ease their fears, especially since they’re in control.

When kids are in the patient’s chair, not knowing what to expect can be an uncomfortable situation. And this can make their imagination wander in the wrong direction. But the more they engage in play and conversation, they will also improve their vocabulary and communication skills. Which will help them be more expressive and interested in finding out more information from a real dentist.



Most children have or might require getting braces in the future, which can be a challenging time. But getting ahead of it and showing them how common it actually is can help relieve their discomfort. Camila and Imani are the first two Our Generation dolls to get matching braces, and they can help build kids’ self-esteem, enforce a sense of normalcy, and prepare them for what’s to come.

Another situation that kids may find difficult is when they lose their baby tooth for the first time. Dolls like Tooth Fairy Twinkle and the Tooth Fairy Stories set help kids understand that it’s a natural process and can turn the experience into a magical journey.



Unfortunately, cavities are common in children (boo!). But teaching them how to maintain their dental hygiene can go a long way in preventing those uncomfortable dentist visits. Having their dolls perform the same routines is a fun approach to establishing good brushing habits, and animal lovers will also love teaching their pets with the Canine Care set!



You may have heard the word empathy a lot, but why exactly is it so important? Well, empathy is all about understanding what others are feeling. And understanding what others are feeling allows us to act in a more kind-hearted way with those around us.

As kids play the dentist’s role to treat their doll patients, they will learn how to be more sympathetic toward others since they know what it feels like to be in the patient’s shoes. In turn, this also helps them practice being gentle and show compassion, which will carry over to how they treat others outside their world of play.


There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope our dentist toys will help create lots of playful adventures! And check out more fun and excitement in the OG Neighborhood on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!


Gift Guide: 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts Kids Will Like Like

Whether it’s red, pink, adorned with hearts, or expresses their favorite affections, there’s something for every child who loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Find a range of doll besties to explore friendship, themed outfits for any adventure, snuggly pets, and fun playsets that provide unlimited storytelling possibilities.

And for those who just can’t wait, our list of Valentine’s Day gifts begins with a super fun countdown activity!






Our Generation Sweetheart Surprise Countdown Calendar for 18-inch Dolls Packaging
Sweetheart Surprise Countdown Calendar 



OG Sweetheart Surprise Calendar

Valentine’s Day enthusiasts can count down to the big day and receive special surprises along the way! From jewelry and sweet treats to playful Valentine’s Day cards, each door reveals a fun item that lets kids share the love with their dolls!

Explore the Calendar






Our Generation 18-inch Slumber Party Doll Serenity
18-inch Doll Serenity


Wearing your heart on your sleeve means showing your emotions, and Serenity loves to spread kindness to everyone around her. She arrives in a matching pajama outfit with an all-over heart print and a pink, fluffy, heart plush pillow!








Our Generation Fashion Starter Kit & 18-inch Doll Amora
Amora Hearts Theme Fashion Set
Our Generation Fashion Starter Kit & 18-inch Doll Rosalind
Rosalind Rose Theme Fashion Set

Fashion Starter Sets

Explore friendship and stylish fun with Rosalind and Amora – 2 friends from the OG Fashion Starter Collection! Each doll includes changeable outfits, jewelry pieces, and themed accessories that bring personality and charm to every look.

And the sweetest part? They arrive beautifully packaged inside a ready-to-gift, heart-decorated box!

Meet all 5 fashion dolls and complete the collection!







Perfect Math School Outfit Accessories for 18-inch Dolls
Dahlia in the Perfect Math Outfit (Dolls sold separately)


Express Their Affections with Fun Outfits

Featuring a printed T-shirt with bright red accents, a preppy, plaid and pleated skirt, and realistic school supplies, the Perfect Math outfit gives doll students a clever and calculated look on their next trip to the classroom!










Fashion Goals Soccer Outfit Hooded Sweater for 18-inch Dolls
Hally Dressed in the Fashion Goals Outfit (Dolls sold separately)

Fashion Goals

Score big points on and off the field with a sporty outfit that combines a touch of sparkle and playful style from the beautiful game.

The Fashion Goals outfit includes a tulle skirt, hooded top with a heart-themed soccer ball print, and mix-and-match accessories that bring athletic energy to any adventure!









Dream Bright Sleep Tight Dinosaur Pajama Stuffed Animal for 18-inch Dolls
Jolene in the Dream Bright, Sleep Tight Outfit (Dolls sold separately)
Dino-Snores Pajama Outfit Dinosaur Stuffed Animal for 18-inch Dolls
Tyler in the Dino-Snores Outfit (Dolls sold separately)

Stomp into Bedtime

For the doll girls and boys who have a GIGANTIC crush on dinosaurs!

Each outfit comes with its own snuggly soft Stegosaurus stuffed animal, making it the perfect bedtime pal to inspire big dreams!

Shop Dream Bright, Sleep Tight and Dino-Snores.







Our Generation Pretty Pom Poms Hair Accessories for 18-inch Dolls
Pom Pom Hair Accessories for Dolls & Kids


Pretty Pom Poms

Brighten up outfits and hairstyles with a parade of pom poms and cute styling pieces for year-round fun. And bonus – kids can share the look by accessorizing their own creative ‘dos for double the styles!









Our Generation 6-inch American Shorthair Kitten Cat Plush Posable Legs
American Shorthair Kitten
Our Generation American Eskimo 6-inch Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Pet
American Eskimo Puppy

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Animal Lovers

For those who are over-the-moon about pets, posable pals like the American Eskimo Pup and American Shorthair Kitten have bendable legs, so they can learn new tricks like shaking paws or how to sit, as well as tag along on their owner’s favorite journeys!

Discover the entire Loyal Pals Collection for more furry pals or friendly foals!






Our Generation Yay Spa Day Chair for 18-inch Dolls
Yay, Spa Day Salon Chair Playset

Extra Special Valentine’s Day Gifts

Water and bubble sounds, music, and cute spa accessories let kids pamper their favorite doll besties with days of relaxation and pretend mani-pedis – all while exploring self-care through interactive play. Shop the Yay, Spa Day playset!

Want even more fun? Our Deluxe Dolls have bendable knees and elbows to help kids easily seat them in the spa chair for a realistic storytelling experience!






Two Scoops Ice Cream Cart Playset for 18-inch Dolls Millie Haven
Millie & Haven Enjoy a Sweet Treat Together (Dolls sold separately)


Two Scoops Ice Cream Cart

Welcome in all seasons, this 34-piece ice cream cart features ice cream flavors that really scoop into the cones so your customers can create a variety of treat combinations!










Our Generation Easy Cheesy Pizzeria Table & Chairs Furniture 18-inch Dolls Francesca & Rashida
Chantel & Francesca at the Easy Cheesy Pizzeria (Dolls sold separately)


Easy Cheesy Pizzeria

Serve up smiles to your little chefs with an engaging, fully stocked restaurant playset that includes a light-up oven and neon sign, a fire sound to “cook” pizzas, a foldable prepping counter, and 40+ detailed accessories!









There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope our list of Valentine’s Day gifts will help spread the joy and create lots of playful adventures! And check out more fun and excitement in the OG Neighborhood on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!

Gift Guide: Pizza-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!


Get ready to cook, slice, and serve up delicious adventures with our Top 10 Pizza Toys! Find furniture sets, master chefs, and pizza-making playsets that will make every young cook imagine the pizza-bilities.

Psst! This list might make you crave a piece, hehe!









Get Baking with Our Master Chefs


Posable 18-inch Pizza Chef Doll Francesca
Pizza Chef Francesca
18-inch Chef Doll Chantel
Pasta Chef Chantel

Discover pizza-making magic with Francesca, 2 outfits, and an illustrated storybook to recreate her adventures.

Like pizza and pasta, these creative chefs make the perfect team. Chantel loves to mix up the menu. And she can cook up delicious meals with just about any ingredient!






Our Generation Pizza Party Dreams Pajama Outfit Pink Clothes Accessories for 18-inch Dolls
Martha in the Pizza Party Dreams Outfit
(Doll sold separately)

A Slice of Fun Topped with Style


For the pizza fan who can’t go a day (and night!) without their favorite food! Turn pizza adventures into slumber party play with the perfect pajama set and a comfy plush pillow! Shop Pizza Party Dreams.








Tasty Toppings Pizza Making Set for 18-inch Dolls
Tasty Toppings Accessory Set




Pizza Prep with Realistic Play Food Items

Learn how to bake homemade pizzas from start to finish with this complete pizza-making set that lets young chefs explore the joys of cooking! 

Shop Tasty Toppings.





Pizza Maker Oven Playset Toy Food for 18-inch Dolls
OG Pizza Oven Playset





Little chefs-to-be can bake up the perfect pizza pies every time with this electronic Pizza Oven playset. It features a light and fire sound for pretend-play cooking!







Deliver A Smile

Bring home delicious favorites and explore delivery play, from neighborhood traveling to up-to-the-door greetings!



OG Delivery Bike for 18-inch Dolls
OG Delivery Bicycle
Order's Up Play Food Pizza Delivery Set for 18-inch Dolls
Order’s Up Pizza Set


Rolling wheels, movable handle bars, and a food basket makes the Delivery Bicycle our go-to mode of transportation!

Whether you’re planning fun movie nights or craving a tasty combo, the Order’s Up Pizza Set opens the door to delivery role play – from packing up food orders to completing transactions!




Our Generation Easy Cheesy Pizzeria Table & Chairs Furniture 18-inch Dolls Francesca & Rashida
Francesca & Chantel at the Easy Cheesy Pizzeria (Dolls sold separately)



For the Ultimate Pizza Lover


Run the tastiest pizza shop in town or attend the grand opening with the OG Easy Cheesy Pizzeria, a fully stocked restaurant playset that includes 40+ realistic accessories to serve up smiles to every customer!

It has a light-up oven and neon sign, a fire sound to “cook” pizzas, 12 pizza pieces, and a foldable prep counter for an easy-cheesy cleanup!




Our Generation Easy Cheesy Pizzeria Playset Foldable Counter for 18-inch Dolls
Francesca & Rashida Dining with the Pizza with You Table & Chairs Set (Dolls and Pizzeria sold separately)



Complete your dream restaurant or set the scene for at-home dining with the Pizza with You table and chairs furniture set to celebrate every pizza party in fun style!










There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope this special Pizza-Themed gift guide has delivered fun ideas to explore on your next pizza adventure!


And check out more fun and excitement in the Our Generation neighborhood on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!