A Noelle Tradition

Noelle has lots of exciting activities planned for all her friends and family, and she’s having a merry little chat with us today about how she’ll bring her holiday plans to life. Let’s see how excited Noelle is to be hosting:


Happy holidays, Noelle! 


Happy holidays to you too! I’m always super excited during this time of year.


You’re hosting your very first HOLIDAY PARTY! Aren’t you a little nervous?


Not at all! I’ve got the BESTEST of friends and family that will make sure I enjoy every second. Plus, I’ve got lots of great ideas that are perfect for the occasion. How lucky are we that we get a December in our own little world!


[Giggling] I almost forgot that winter is your favorite season.


AB-SO-LUTELY! I think of myself as a chionophile. But it’s not just the snow I love, there’s so many great things about this time of year. Everyone is so cheerful, the days are so much brighter, and it’s also my birthday, so it’s double the fun for me!


That’s true! You must have LOTS of different activities planned for the evening then, right?


Of course! We have lots of fun board games to play and we’re going to sing karaoke with holiday classics… After some cups of hot chocolate, though!


Oh… and we’ll even play a mini gift-exchange game!


Really? How will that work?


We all sit in a circle and place the gifts in the center (there’s six of us so there will be six gifts in total). To start, we each pick a playing card one at a time and whoever gets the highest card gets to pick first. After everyone has picked, the next person who gets the highest card has to trade their gift with someone else! And since all the gifts are wrapped, no one knows what they’re trading away!


That sounds like so much fun!


IT IS! You can play as many turns as you want, so everybody will get a chance to trade.


What kind of gifts are they?


Ah ah ah. It’s a surprise… But they’re sweet and delicious!


[Fa La La La La, La La La La]


What was that sound?


Ha-ha, that’s my doorbell. Haven and Ivory must be here. They asked if they could be my helper elves for the party since there is SO much more to do.


Well, Noelle, it looks like you’re eager to get back to decorating. Thank you so very much for having us over and sharing your holiday plans with everyone. It sounds like you’re going to have a WINTER-TASTIC party!


Thank you very much for coming! This is going to be the first of many best holiday parties ever!




Hosting – a person who organizes an event or a party


Giggling – laughing in a silly, playful way


Chionophile – a person who loves the cold weather, especially snow


Gift exchange – happily giving gifts to one another


Eager – when someone is very excited to do something

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Very Happy Holidays From ALL oUs!