An Eventful Summer with Everly

Our adventurous explorer Everly is back to share all of her fun facts and travel destinations from her journey around the globe. In this interview, Everly draws us a map of where she’s traveled and what she plans on doing now that she has returned home!


You’ll also learn some new vocabulary for your next trip!


Hi Everly, we’re glad you could make it back to chat with us today. A lot of our friends missed you over the summer!


It’s my pleasure, thank you for having me. I missed them a bunch, too!


What were some of the places that you visited during school break?


The first place I visited was Australia, followed by France, Finland, and Spain in Europe, and then I traveled to South America to visit Chile.


I like to learn something new every day, and each country showed me something surprising and exciting. It was so beautiful. I had lots of fun!


What are some of the things that you learned on your travels?


During my excursion* on Kangaroo Island in Australia, I learned that kangaroos aren’t able to walk backwards. This is because of saltation* and their long, muscular tails.


While in France visiting The Louvre, I noticed that the face in the Mona Lisa painting doesn’t have any eyebrows.




Yes! It’s something that not a lot of people notice. But I’m very observant*!


Wow, are there any more interesting facts that you learned?


Of course! During my flight to Rovaniemi, Finland, a village known as the home town of Santa Claus, I made friends with a girl named Ella and she told me that children who live in Finland don’t start school until they’re seven years old. 


Also, on my last stop in Chile, I learned that our school schedule is much different than theirs because of the climate. Children have summer break from December to March and get two to three weeks off during winter in July.


That’s a lot of information, our friends will be excited to learn something new. Did you also do any activities?


Mostly sightseeing. There’s a lot of beautiful architecture* that I wanted to experience up close. When I was in Spain, I saw the Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Familia, and I walked on Las Ramblas, the famous boulevard that stretches through Barcelona.


I also saw the Eiffel Tower and went to the top to get a huge look at Paris. It was a real eyeful!


So Everly, have you made any plans now that you’ve returned home?


Well first, I’m really excited to see my friends for Weekend Game Day and share everything I’ve learned during my expedition*. I’ve also made sure to get all my school supplies so that I’ll be prepared for my first day back at school.


Thank you Everly, you’ve certainly given us some interesting facts and a few ideas of places to visit! We’re so happy that you’re back and we wish you a great first day at Awesome Academy!


Thank you, I enjoyed being here!




It’s always fun to continue learning. Here are some travel words that were used in the interview:


Excursion – a short journey or trip


Saltation – hopping or leaping movements


Observant – quickly noticing details


Architecture – the design or structure of an object


Expedition – traveling for a particular reason