Our Generation welcomes all kids into a world of fun and encourages them to create the narrative of their generation. Our award-winning dolls and accessories continue to inspire children in over 45 countries around the world today, teaching them about the importance of inclusion and empowering them to tell their own stories.

We believe in sharing our enthusiasm and putting kindness into the heart of everything we do, from how our products are made to how they can inspire the next generation.


Welcoming Everyone

When children play with dolls that represent themselves or others around them, they feel the joy of belonging and learn about the importance of inclusion. Our dolls celebrate all children, crafted with a range of skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, and more lifelike features.


Trustworthy Toys

The fun is in the details! From a doll’s freckles to the tiniest rainbow sprinkle found on an ice cream sundae, our diligent designers make sure our toys are crafted with the highest quality standards, safety tested, and made to last so kids can engage in playtime for hours on end.


The Value of Pretend Play

Our collection features a variety of timeless toys in countless themes that reflect a child’s hobbies and interests. Each toy encourages kids to unlock the full potential of their imagination by discovering new adventures and stories every day.


Our Generation has come a long way in the last 30 years—from designing our very first 18-inch doll in a small studio to becoming a beloved toy brand that continues to create entire worlds of play around the globe.

With each passing year, we strive to create the toys that kids want to play with, forever innovating within the wonderful world of dolls. It’s our mission to make kids happy! Be it a cozy dollhouse, a pretty pony, or a new best friend, we design with fans in mind – then, now, and always!

Take a trip through time and discover some of the most impactful moments in Our Generation’s history.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out – there’s more to come!

  • Our Generation is HERE!

    An exciting new line of 18-inch dolls and accessories debuts at Target stores across the U.S., quickly capturing the hearts of children and inspiring them to create the stories of their generation.

  • Next stop? Australia!

    Our Generation’s playful world reaches kids outside North America for the first time, marking the start of an international journey that would expand to over 70 countries.

  • Sweet Success!

    Recognized as Our Generation’s most iconic doll accessory, the Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck launches in the fall and is still widely available!

  • Double the Fun

    Our Generation dolls Sia and Sabina are released, introducing a twin sister duo with passions for science and art that also encouraged the value of sisterhood.

  • Going Global

    Our Generation achieves a significant milestone by being actively sold in 50+ countries throughout Europe, South America, and Asia. A true reflection of our quality, creativity, and impact on audiences worldwide.

  • 30 Years of Stories

    Our Generation celebrates its 30th anniversary by launching special edition dolls, monthly WOW giveaways, and fun surprises commemorating three wonderful decades of imagination, stories, and fun. Thank you for being a part of this spectacular journey with us!