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Summer Fun with Hawaiian Vocabulary!

No matter where in the world you live, summer is a time that makes us picture bright sunshine, blue skies, beautiful plants blooming, and even beaches, lakes, and swimming pools! There are some places where it feels like summer all year long, and the Hawaiian Islands are one of those places!

To help get us into the spirit of summertime, we thought it would be fun to learn a few Hawaiian terms!

The first one – kau wela (pronounced KAH-oo WEH-luh) – means “summer” in Hawaiian!





Did you know:

Summer happens at a different time in the Northern Hemispheren (everywhere on Earth above the Equator) and the Southern Hemisphere (everywhere on Earth below the Equator)? This means that in one country it might be winter, and summer somewhere else! It also means that no matter what it’s like outside where you live, it is probably summertime somewhere in the world! 

Hawaii does have a winter season (without any snow, of course), but the temperatures aren’t much different between summer and winter. So all year long, you can find pretty flowers and luscious plants growing. How cool is that?!


Hawaiian Vocabulary

There are lots of really cool words in the Hawaiian language, and here are a few to get you started:

Word                                       Meaning

Aloha                                   hello, goodbye and love.

Mahalo                               thank you.

Ohana                                 family.

Keiki                                    child or children.

E komo mai                         welcome.

Hale                                     house or home.


Did you know:

The Hawaiian language has fewer letters than the English language, with only 7 consonants! (English has 21!)
The letters in the Hawaiian alphabet are: a e i o u (vowels) and h k l m n p w (consonants)
People’s names and other words translated from English to Hawaiian therefore have a slightly different pronunciation.


Hawaiian Names

In Hawaii, Hawaiian people often have their own beautiful names from the Hawaiian language. Here are some neat examples:

Name                             Meaning

‘Alohilani           –         Bright Sky

Kahōku             –         The Star     

Wainani             –         Beautiful Water   


You can translate your name into Hawaiian, too! Here are some examples! (PS – If your name isn’t on the list, you can do a quick internet search and find out what your Hawaiian name is!)

Aaliyah               – Aliiaha                           Beth            – Peka                        Kaitlyn       – Kaikeline
Adrianna            – Akaliana                        Breanna      – Paleana                   Laura         – Lala
Aimee / Amy      – Eme                              Brittany       – Palikane                   Lisa           – Lika
Alex                     – Alika                             Brooke        – Paloke                      Lyndsey    – Linekekei
Alison                 – Alekona                        Candace     – Kanakake                 Madeline   – Makelina
Amanda             – Amanaka                      Caroline      – Kalolaina                  Madison     – Makikonu
Angela                – Anela                            Claire          – Kalala                       Marie           – Malia


What do you notice about the names listed here in English and in Hawaiian? Can you figure out which letters are different, based on the Hawaiian alphabet?

People have so many different names, we couldn’t list them all here, but we hope you will do some exploring of your own and discover what your name translated into Hawaiian sounds like!

We hope you have fun using these fun Hawaiian terms, and enjoy some fun summer adventure wherever you are!

Gift Guide: Summer-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!

In the Summer-Themed Gift Guide, we highlight some of the dolls, outfits, and accessories that are part of the Our Generation Summer Collection!

Summer is just around the corner. Our Generation dolls can’t wait to experience all the great things that summer has to offer like hanging out at the beach house, grilling and picnic-ing. Summer is great and our dolls have everything to help make the best of what summer has to offer just like you.






Pretend-play with dolls is a great way to encourage kids to get outside and enjoy the world around them. It helps kids to learn to enjoy the moment and savor each awesome experience. Life can sure be a tasty experience! Whether they are hanging out at the beach, where they can be the lifeguards, swimmers or the surfers or if they just want to hang out at the seashore with some great eats, your dolls have everything they need to make this the best summer ever, there’s a ton of fun stuff to play with!!


The perfect ocean getaway for your 18-inch doll!



The Seaside Beach House is your getaway by the waves.

Cook up a tasty seaside meal with the lifelike kitchenette accessories and the real sounds from the tea kettle and stove. The nautical accessories are perfect for adventure, and when it’s time to rest, convert the kitchen bench into a pull-out bed with a mattress and blanket.
Give your doll sweet dreams with a starry projection on the ceiling (with real working lights!)

Sail away into adventure with the Seaside Beach House!





Off road or in the city, you’re on your way to fun times!

Road trips are more fun with a great soundtrack – use the built-in Bluetooth® speakers to play your favorite songs through the Off-Roader’s speakers! Working windshield wipers, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and more provide realistic play in the daytime and while cruising with your dolls after dark.

Search the coast and find the perfect beach with the Our Generation Off-Roader 4×4, a stylish and rugged vehicle with tons of amazing features!



Life is a picnic


The perfect snack-stop for the boardwalk, the beach, or the ballgame, this hot dog cart is dishing out all kinds of delights! 

Watch the red light go on when you turn on the rotating grill to show that it’s “hot.” Once the hot dogs are cooked, serve them on realistic paper trays with your choice of condiments. Use the real chalk and chalkboard to advertise daily specials, and close the umbrella when it’s time to move along.













Fresh blends to share with friends!

Step up to the counter for a delicious drink with the Our Generation Deluxe Accessory – OG’s Juice Bar! The plastic drinks counter has a faux-wood finish and a counter surface that looks like stainless steel. A drink display window with an ice insert will help your dolls show off their fresh creations! Customers can pour themselves a fresh-pressed juice with the self-serve drink dispenser, or order up a special smoothie made from the included fruits displayed in a basket.



A table filled with goodies and laughter. 

It’s time for the perfect picnic with the Our Generation Picnic Table Set! Set the scene with the pretty pink table and rainbow table cloth, and keep making happy memories well after sundown with the lantern – it really lights up! Grill up your favorite treats like realistic hamburgers and hot dogs on the cute mini BBQ, and make a delicious and healthy side salad.









Make a big splash with these awesome dolls


Meet Gabe! He wears a relaxed summer outfit featuring a tank top with a “Surfing Lifestyle” print, blue striped board shorts, and comfy bright-orange flip flops, and he comes with his very own orange surfboard! Gabe loves to explore the oceanside and hang out on the beach.






Meet Coral! Her water sports outfit includes a pink and yellow wetsuit, snorkel and face mask, surf board, and flippers. For a different look, she comes with a white tank top and pink shorts with a cute bird print. Don’t forget her straw hat to keep cool in the sun!





Meet Seabrook! She is ready to go on patrol in her lifeguard uniform featuring a one-piece lifeguard bathing suit, shorts, a windbreaker jacket, sun visor, and sandals. Help her keep an eye on the beach and make sure no one is in danger with the binoculars and megaphone. She will do everything she can to keep the beaches safe and fun for everyone!



It’s important to remember that Our Generation dolls can get damaged if they are left in the sun or heat, and they don’t like real water (only pretend water). So please take good care of your doll and don’t put her in real sand or in real water.



A day at the beach is within your reach!



This colorful watermelon-print swimsuit with cute ruffled neckline is the perfect outfit for your dolls to wear as they enjoy playing on the beach. The pair of trendy two-tone sandals completes the outfit and is perfect for a stroll down the boardwalk.


Slice of fun




Dress your dolls in the classic striped swimsuit. The pink jelly sandals are great for walking on the beach or the boardwalk! Go hunting for seashells and see what your dolls can find! The pink life vest will keep your dolls safe while they explore the deeper water, in the ocean or the pool, and the cute pink goggles will help them see clearly without getting water in their eyes.


Fun day sun day






Fashion wave


Make a splash in the bright pink and blue one-piece “wetsuit” with long sleeves to help protect your doll from saltwater and sun. Grab the sunny yellow boogie board and get ready to catch some waves!



Beach belle

This new retro doll swimsuit looks great in any era! Start with the red one-piece swimsuit with tiny white polka dots, a bow, and a ruffled skirt. Add the retro cat-eye sunglasses with tiny rosettes on the corner for extra sunny style! The turquoise beach towel and matching sandals add a splash of color.



There are so many ways to enjoy your summer getaway with your Our Generation dolls and all of the other fun accessories in the Our Generation summer Theme Collection!
Don’t forget to read the Awesome Interview with Gabe, June’s Doll of the Month.


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Surf’s Up! An Interview with Gabe, OG’s June Doll of the Month

Catch some waves and hang ten with Gabe, the coolest surfer in OG town and the June 2019 OG Doll of the Month!

In this interview, we learn more about Gabe and how he started to surf!

We also brush up on our surfing lingo.

(PS – Look for definitions of words with a * at the end of the interview!)



Hi Gabe, thanks so much for chatting with us today!

Thanks for having me!


We see that you’re ready for the beach with your orange surfboard! How long have you been surfing for?

It’s been many years, since I was a baby practically! There’s nothing I like better than balancing on a wave or feeling the sand in between my toes. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling down or stressed. *he laughs* I know that must sound weird, but it’s my way to escape the regular world and get out of my head. I feel at peace and one with the ocean when I’m out there on the waves.

How did you learn to surf? Did someone teach you?

I started on my own when I was a kid. I lived close to the ocean and spent a lot of time there with family and friends. My dad taught me how to catch ankle busters* by the time I was around 2 or 3 years old. As I grew older, I learned more tricks and skills from friends and other surfers along the way. I feel like it’s mostly a matter of just practicing and being out on the water as often as you can. You learn so much about the ocean and waves and how to surf, by actually doing it all the time!

I also teach barneys* on the weekends, or in my down time, which surprisingly brings me back and teaches me how to perfect the basics. I also occasionally ride goofy* so I challenge myself a bit more by switching things up!

What was the most amazing surfing experience you’ve ever had?

It happened a year ago! I was on this gnarly* wave that ended up being double overhead* and I ended up surfing the whole wave and coming out the doggy door*. It was incredible! My friend captured the whole thing on video and we still occasionally watch it to this day. It was epic, and something I’ll never forget.

Wow that sounds intense!?

Admittedly, I was initially really scared, but then I remembered what my dad told me all those years ago… “Keep a cool head Gabe, and you’ll be alright, you’ll make the right decisions in the moment,” and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t panic, I let the nerves roll over me like the waves, and I did my best to stay safe.

Well we’re happy to hear you made it out safely and have an amazing story to tell! So Gabe, do you have any hobbies or interests other than surfing?

Yeah, totally! I love helping out at my local dog shelter. Is that a hobby? I mean I volunteer there and I help them take care of the animals and work on rehabilitation so that we can eventually find them all homes.

I’ve had pets my whole life, and I especially love dogs, so I try to help them whenever I can. It brings me a lot of joy, as much joy as surfing actually!

Volunteering is definitely an amazing hobby and we’re so happy to have had a chance to chat with you Gabe, thanks for a great interview!

Thanks, it was a good time!



Words can sometimes mean different things. Within this interview, these words mean the following:

*ankle busters: “small waves”

*barneys: “a new or inexperience surfer”

*goofy: “when you ride your surfboard with your right foot forward”

*gnarly: “a dangerous wave”

*double overhead: “a wave around 12 feet tall”

*doggy door: “exiting through the small hold left at the end of a wave before it closes”