Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee
Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee Brown Hair
Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee Ballerina Outfit
Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee
Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee Brown Hair
Read and Play Set 6-inch Mini Doll Sydney Lee Ballerina Outfit

Mini Doll Sydney Lee

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Bring This 6-inch Mini Doll on Every Dancing Adventure!

Practice pirouettes with Sydney Lee, a beautiful Our Generation 6-inch ballet mini doll with bright green eyes and long, dark-brown hair that’s fun to brush and style. Sydney Lee can rotate her arms and legs to perform ballet poses, and her 6-inch height makes her easy to bring along on every dancing adventure! Her outfit features a pretty pink leotard with a matching tutu, 2 leg warmers, and cute ballet shoes. Read about how Sydney Lee chose her passion for dancing and how she learns to stick with it in the “Stars in Your Eyes” storybook. The easy-to-read chapters are perfect for younger readers, and it makes a great bedtime story too!

Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Specialty Doll #BD33075
Comes with:
  • 1 6-inch mini doll
  • 1 ballet leotard
  • 1 tutu
  • 2 leg warmers
  • 1 pair of ballet shoes
  • 1 storybook
Product Details:

    All About Sydney Lee

  • Read and play set with 6-inch mini doll Sydney Lee
  • Bright green eyes with long, dark-brown hair that's fun to brush and style
  • Arms and legs rotate to perform fun ballet poses
  • Includes: doll, ballet leotard, tutu, 2 leg warmers, ballet shoes, and storybook
  • Follow Sydney Lee's journey in the easy-to-read chapter book
  • Compatible with most 6-inch mini dolls and accessories
  • Suggested for ages 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required

Caring for your Our Generation Mini Doll


Sydney Lee arrives with her hair pulled into a high ballerina bun. Playing with doll's hair is one of the most fun things to do! But certain doll hairstyles might need some TLC (that means "tender loving care") to help them look their best if you are changing their appearance. When doll hair has stayed in one style for a very long time, it might not want to change to a new style without your help!
First things first - haircare for your doll will be easier with the proper tools!
For dolls like Sydney Lee with hair in a fixed style, we recommend using a round-tipper, wire brush and always working with very small sections at a time.
You may also need a small spray bottle filled with water. The best kind to use will be able to spray a very fine mist (instead of a strong jet).
Second, make sure to avoid heat and styling products on your doll's hair (and body)! Heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners, and products like gels or mousses, can permanently damage your doll.

To Undo Sydney Lee's Bun

Start by carefully removing the clear elastics that hold the hair in place.
Next, spray a light mist of water over a small section of hair. Starting at the bottom, gently but firmly brush the hair, moving upwards. Repeat until all sections of the hair have been brushed.
Let the hair air dry, and repeat until the hair is as straight as you would like it.

Important Tips

OG Dolls are always ready for fun and adventure. Just remember - the BEST kind of adventure for your OG Doll is in your imagination!
OG Dolls love pretending to play on the beach, but please make sure not to let your doll sit in the sun for too long…exposure to heat of any kind can cause serious harm to your doll!
We know you will do everything you can to keep your doll happy and healthy.

Stars in Your Eyes

Sydney Lee's mom and dad are trying a family experiment - weeknights will be a TV-free zone. That means no more "Stan, Stan the Magic Man" series! Plus, she's five steps behind everyone else in ballet class. Then, along comes a big decision that only Sydney Lee can make: to follow her favorite show with her friends or follow her dreams. And what she wants to know is this: "Is there hope for a ballerina like me... and is there life after TV?