A Complete Guide to Planning a Birthday Party at Home

All birthdays are special, whether your child is celebrating another year older or reaching a milestone. And hosting a birthday bash is one of the best ways to bring everyone together. But planning a birthday party at home can feel overwhelming without the proper checklist.

From organizing the supplies to keeping track of the guest list, there are lots of details to consider along the way. Luckily, we’ve combined all of the essential tasks into this step-by-step guide to help everything run smoothly as the big day arrives.

Let’s get planning!







The first step to planning a birthday party at home begins with a few basics:

  • Create a party budget to help with different expenses like decorations, entertainment, food, and gifts
  • Think of a super fun theme that your child will love
  • Make a guest list to determine how many people will attend and whether it’ll only be friends, family, or both
  • Save the date! When choosing a date and time, you may want to consider a few options to accommodate the guests
  • (Optional) Depending on your budget, book any birthday performers and/or photographers



Psst! Want to make it an Our Generation party theme? Decorate your home with balloons, streamers, ribbons, and tablecloths in pink and yellow colors. Your child’s friends can also RSVP with their dolls!



Once you’ve created the guest list, set aside some time to prepare the invitations and other activities:

  • Order or craft the invitations. For added fun, decorate the invitations with supplies that match your party’s theme
  • Include the party’s start and end time, phone number, and directions
  • Plan which types of activities and games the kids will participate in. You can also print out coloring sheets to include as a party favor
  • Purchase the party supplies and decorations needed to turn your home into the perfect party space



  • Plan your party menu (if you’re staying true to the OG party theme, how cute would it be to bring their favorite doll’s food to life! Take inspiration from the Party is Served set, Party Time desserts table, or the Oh So Sweet Cart. You can also add pies, cupcakes, and other baked goods to the mix)
  • Place your order for the birthday cake (ordering in advance will help you avoid any potential hiccups down the road)
  • Scoop up the birthday gifts (if shopping online, make sure your item(s) will arrive on time)



With the big day around the corner, give yourself enough time to complete any remaining to-dos.

  • Confirm with the guests and send out any last-minute details
  • Go grocery shopping for finger foods, drinks, and yummy munchies you plan on serving
  • Complete any baked goods (if baking)
  • Wrap the birthday presents (make sure there’s no peeking!)
  • Buy necessary supplies like plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery (opt for plastic dinnerware to make cleaning up much easier)
  • Double-check for candles
  • Create a party playlist to dance to



One more day!

  • Pick up the cake if ordered and remember to check if everything is perfect
  • Decorate your home by hanging banners, streamers, balloons, and the rest of the supplies
  • Set up the activities, games, and party favors
  • Prep the dining area with plates, napkins, and utensils.
  • Create a mini space where the dolls can sit and join the party




Hooray! You made it!

  • Finish up any last-minute decorating
  • Complete the serving table with the finger foods, drinks, and other munchies
  • Tye balloons to the front door to welcome guests
  • Start the music playlist
  • Take photos of the party scene and cake to create lasting memories (and to celebrate your hard work!)



We hope this planning guide will help make your next birthday party a spectacular celebration!

Gift Guide: 10 Fun Easter Gifts for Kids

Surprising kids with the perfect gift can be tons of fun, especially when you know they’ll be full of excitement! From decorating and exploring dress-up to creating magical stories, our list of Easter Gifts for Kids opens up worlds of pretend-play possibilities for those who can’t wait to let their imagination spring into action. And whether you’re searching for toys that stay true to the Easter theme or ones that will maximize their playtime, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So hop into our Easter gift guide and discover how you can make this year’s holiday all the more memorable!






Our Generation Nova 18-inch Fashion Reveal Doll

An All-New Fashion Reveal Doll

Kids can explore the fun of decorating with Nova! Her dress features pattern-changing designs that appear with water, and her inspiring styling guide includes 3 colorful hair tutorials to create extra bright looks.





Our Generation Tooth Fairy Outfit Lost Tooth Case 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Dolls sold separately)



Tooth Fairy Outfit

For those who love to play out fairy tales, this enchanting outfit turns any Our Generation doll into a wonderful tooth fairy (as long as they believe in the power of magic, hehe!). Featuring a pair of wings and a tooth box that holds a child’s real baby tooth, kids can enjoy the tooth fairy journey just as much as their dolls. All it takes is a wave of the wand, and voila!




Our Generation Rabbits & Carrots Baking Outfit & Cupcakes for 18-inch Dolls
(Dolls sold separately)


Rabbits & Carrots

Hippity, hoppity, poof! Dressed in their Easter best, this adorable rabbit-themed baking outfit lets your dolls join in the festivities as an ear-esistible bunny who bakes cupcakes for friends!






Our Generation Baker's Kitchen Set for 18-inch Dolls


Baker’s Kitchen Set

Missing the accessories you need to start baking? Take sweet treats to the next cute level with a kitchen set that includes a pop-up toaster, a whistling tea kettle, and a donut-making machine to craft the ultimate dessert menu!




Our Generation Rainbow Unicorn Outfit & Cloud Pillow for 18-inch Dolls
(Dolls sold separately)


Rainbow Unicorn

Shake up their bedtime wardrobe with a cute and colorful pajama dress! This outfit features a 3D unicorn horn and mini ears on the hood to make slumber parties and dress-up a dream come true.






Our Generation Oh So Sweet Dessert Cart 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Dolls sold separately)


Oh So Sweet

Surprise them after the egg hunt with the perfect prize! This rolling dessert cart invites their favorite dolls to share in the candy-filled fun with 25 colorfully charming treats and 3 balloons to prep for the grand opening! 






Our Generation Party Pups Birthday Decoration Set Dog Plush Pets 18-inch Doll Accessories
(Pets sold separately)



Party Pups

What’s the best thing about a party? Everybody can participate in the celebration! The Party Pups set includes decorations, tasty treats, and a birthday hat and scarf that fits all Our Generation plush pets. So their loyal pals and stuffed animal friends can gather and wag their tails with joy.




Our Generation Palomino Party Foal Toy Horse



Palomino Party Foal

Room for one more party guest? This beautiful baby horse comes with a saddle blanket decorated in a rainbow sprinkle print, a bag of heart-shaped treats, and a mini carrot cupcake!



Patio Treats Trolley for 18-inch Dolls



Patio Treats Trolley

The perfect furniture set to welcome outdoor parties, kids can prep for big events by rolling out a colorful combination of detailed fruit, drinks, and treats! The Patio Treats Trolley also features a marble-like countertop with storage shelves that make transporting goodies fun and easy.





Our Generation Fashion Starter Kit & 18-inch Doll Cambi

Butterfly Fashion Starter Cambi

Celebrate friendship while discovering fun styles with Cambi and her mix-and-match outfits! She’s part of the OG Fashion Starter Collection that features 5 friends who love to express their personalities and passions through their one-of-a-kind accessories.

Meet all 5 fashion dolls and explore each theme together!







There are so many ways to enjoy the Easter holiday and spring season with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope our list of Easter Gifts for Kids will help you make them smile from ear to ear. And we know that each item will open up a world of playful adventures! Check out our Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls) for more fun and excitement in the OG Neighborhood!

Falling Into Friendship


Things have not been easy for Martha since she got her cast. She has to take a break from all her favorite activities like soccer, volleyball, and dance lessons at school. She can’t even play in the Hockey Championship Game with her teammates.

But after she chose to stay home instead of attending Maria’s slumber party, her classmate Karissa decided to write her a letter in the hopes of cheering her up…


Hi Martha!

          I was really sad to hear that you weren’t going to Maria’s slumber party tonight; even though I understood that it was because of your injury. I never had an injury like yours before, but I know it’s not easy having to walk with crutches. Someone in my family told me that your arms can get really sore from having to carry your whole body around all day. You must be really strong after doing it for two weeks!

          All of us at school had lots of fun signing your cast. We hope that every time you read our messages you’ll feel much better. And know that we can’t wait until we get to see your cool dance moves again during our lessons. We also wanted to let you know that we’d be happy to continue helping you carry your books at school, move around the cafeteria, or anything else you might need an extra hand with. It can be hard asking others for help sometimes, but we all love being there in your time of need. Always!

          I know you were really excited to play in the Hockey Championships with your team, and because you can’t do the things that you used to do, you might feel left out or alone. It also becomes easier to feel sad and upset about the things you can’t control so you remove yourself from everything you like. But there is a bright side to everything that happens. It’s true! That’s just the way it works. Even in our most unfair situations there will always be a positive. Your last two weeks and your next two weeks might not be what you were expecting, or were hoping for, or maybe even prepared for. But sometimes, what can happen in those next moments might just be the things you need to get through it.

          So, I had an idea that I’m really happy to finally share with you. Instead of us gathering at Maria’s house for her slumber party, we all agreed that we would have much more fun if you were with us. We checked with your parents, our parents, and Maria, and we’re all on our way to your house to celebrate together. Surprise!

          I hope we can all bring many smiles to your face again.

See you soon,

Your Friend, Karissa <3




There are lots of words that can help put a smile on someone’s face — especially when they aren’t feeling so great. Here are some bright words Karissa used in her letter to cheer up Martha:


Strong having strength or great power in the mind or body

Bright side the good part of something that is bad

Gathering when people get together as a group

Celebrate doing something special

Surprise something unexpected