Reese’s Railroad Ride

Reese has almost reached her destination; she’s had lots of conversations with many interesting passengers aboard the OG Express and she’s documented all of it in her travel journal. Let’s see what Reese has learned along the way!

Taking the OG Express

Riding aboard a train is really fun! It’s different than taking a car or flying inside an airplane. There’s lots of room to move, and they even have bunk beds for overnight trips! Plus, I get to see the colorful leaves, beautiful scenery, and have conversations with lots of different passengers. That doesn’t happen often with public transportation. I’ve been on a train before (three times to be exact), back when I traveled through Europe to write about places like London, Barcelona, Paris, and Italy, but it’s my first time taking one here in America.

The people are really friendly! I was only onboard for a couple of minutes before I had an interesting chat with Millie; she’s the OG Express train attendant that’s responsible for keeping everyone safe. Staying on track (hehe), she told me a story about how the first train was in a race with a horse and lost! That horse must’ve had a name like Starlight or Massimo (that means “the greatest” or “maximum” in Italian) to be that fast.

I also made friends with the passengers next to me. A young girl named Maize that was just about my age was going back home with her mom for Thanksgiving too. They told me that before they make their cranberry sauce, they check if the cranberries are ripe by bouncing one! “Ripe cranberries are supposed to bounce,” her mom said. I’m going to try that the second I arrive! They also shared some of their traditions; like watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, naming one thing that they were thankful for this year, and pulling the wishbone. I usually pull the shorter end, so I hope Maize’s wish comes true!

After I grabbed my backpack, I heard a man humming the Jingle Bells song and he told me that it was really created for Thanksgiving! I might have to look that one up, though. I think he’s just getting ready for the holidays. I can already see it starting to snow outside…



Lots of big new words can be learned when we talk to the people around us. Here are a few that Reese used when describing her adventure:

Documented: writing down an experience, or something that has happened

Scenery: the appearance of a natural place.

Conversations: talking with another person or people; sharing ideas.

Massimo: a name that means “maximum” or “the greatest” in Italian

Traditions: activities passed on from generation to generation

Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble

Halloween is almost here, and our creative* twins, Sia and Sabina, are in the middle of preparing a surprise for the trick-or-treaters…


[Sia]: Quick! We only have two weeks before Halloween to finish my latest invention.*


[Sabina]: Did you move the ruler? I’m trying to design my costume and I need to measure the length before I start.


[Sia]: You don’t need a ruler to measure how tall you are, just open your arms!


[Sabina]: What?


[Sia]: When you open your arms wide, the distance between the tip of your left index finger to the tip of your right index finger is how tall you are.


[Sabina]: Why am I just learning about this now?


[Sia]: Shh! I need to connect these eight pumpkins so when kids ring the doorbell, they’ll swing down one by one and give them each a mix of candies!


[Sabina]: You and your experiments.* Don’t you need more supplies to make them say “Trick-or-Treat”?


[Sia]: Nope, just a potion* that needs stirring. I mixed in wicked* licorice, a lollipop after three licks, a Twixie stick, and half of a Chocolate Crisp. Those Jack-o’-lanterns will be speaking in no time!


[There’s a knock at the door… It’s Reese!]


[Reese]: Hi girls, thanks for having me over. This big box was downstairs with your names on it.


[Sia & Sabina]: It’s ARRIVED! It’s ARRIVED!


[Reese]: What’s inside?


[Sia]: The candy we need to fill up the pumpkins.


[Reese]: I’m holding a box full of candy?!


[Sabina]: Ha ha, yes! But it’s for Halloween. We’ll sneak one or two when we finish up.


[Reese]: So, what’s this big invention?


[Sia]: Well, Sabina has always wanted to turn her drawings into an animation*, and I just found a way to make our pumpkins talk! Just a few more minutes until the potion is ready and we’ll be all set.


[Sabina]: We’re also going to create a different look for each one to give them a real Halloween personality.* Come on, let’s start painting!


[Reese]: Our friends are going to be in for a real trick.


[Sia & Sabina]: And treat!




Lots of new and interesting words can be learned when reading a story. Here are a few that Sia, Sabina, and Reese used during their conversation:


Creative – Using imagination or original ideas to make artistic work

Invention – an object or process that is brand new

Experiments – a procedure that leads to a discovery

Potion – a liquid that has healing, magical, or negative properties

Wicked – playfully mischievous; causing trouble in a playful way

Animation – a process that makes drawings look like they are moving

Personality – a combination of different qualities that form a person’s character

Making Movie Magic with Mienna

Our one-of-a-kind movie director*, along with her supporting cast* from Our Generation, have been really busy filming scenes for their new movie, and Mienna is sitting down with us today to share her favorite Halloween movie, funny stories, and interesting facts.


Hi Mienna, we’re super happy that you took time out of your busy schedule to talk to us today!


Thank you for having me. I’m really excited, I always want to talk about movies!




We heard you’re going to the OG Movie Theater on October 6th, are there any films that you hope will be playing?


Oh yes! I noticed that they have the Halloween movie poster up, so I’m hoping that they’ll show some spooky and funny classics. One of my all-time favorites is Hotel Transylvania!


That’s a really popular movie. Is there a reason why you chose that one?


Umm… WINNIE of course! She has so much energy and is always excited. I’m a really big movie buff*, so that’s how I feel whenever I’m around movies!


We also heard that you’re in the middle of filming a movie, can you tell us a bit about it?


It’s called, “Temple of the Topaz,” it’s an action-adventure movie presented by The Jelly Bean Cinema. My stepbrother Franco also has a part in the movie. He’s such a funny character!


We were filming one scene where our leading actress*, Rafaella, had to rescue Franco in the water, but when he read his line: “Someone, save me!” six penguins popped up and brought him back to shore! It was so funny that I decided to keep it in the movie.


Ha ha, wow! Directing your own movie must be really exciting. Did you film near any cool places?


Oh yes! We filmed near a volcano and inside a prehistoric* cave. I even learned interesting facts like porcupines can float, bats have thumbs, and popcorn can pop up to three feet in the air!


You ate popcorn while filming?!


Ha ha no, no. We all gathered around afterwards and had a screening* to see all the hard work we put into it. But there’s never a bad time to enjoy a crunchy snack!


You’ve taught all of us something new today, and I’m sure you will meet lots of friends at the OG Movie Theater on October 6th. Thank you for sitting down with us, Mienna, and we hope your movie is a BIG hit!


Thank you for having me, I really enjoyed being here!




Lots of new and interesting words can be learned when watching movies. Here are a few that were used in this interview:


Director – a person in charge when making a movie


Supporting cast – the actors in a movie around the main character


Movie buff – someone who loves watching movies


Leading actor/actress – the main character in a movie


Prehistoric – very old or out of date


Screening – showing a movie, TV show, or video

An Eventful Summer with Everly

Our adventurous explorer Everly is back to share all of her fun facts and travel destinations from her journey around the globe. In this interview, Everly draws us a map of where she’s traveled and what she plans on doing now that she has returned home!


You’ll also learn some new vocabulary for your next trip!


Hi Everly, we’re glad you could make it back to chat with us today. A lot of our friends missed you over the summer!


It’s my pleasure, thank you for having me. I missed them a bunch, too!


What were some of the places that you visited during school break?


The first place I visited was Australia, followed by France, Finland, and Spain in Europe, and then I traveled to South America to visit Chile.


I like to learn something new every day, and each country showed me something surprising and exciting. It was so beautiful. I had lots of fun!


What are some of the things that you learned on your travels?


During my excursion* on Kangaroo Island in Australia, I learned that kangaroos aren’t able to walk backwards. This is because of saltation* and their long, muscular tails.


While in France visiting The Louvre, I noticed that the face in the Mona Lisa painting doesn’t have any eyebrows.




Yes! It’s something that not a lot of people notice. But I’m very observant*!


Wow, are there any more interesting facts that you learned?


Of course! During my flight to Rovaniemi, Finland, a village known as the home town of Santa Claus, I made friends with a girl named Ella and she told me that children who live in Finland don’t start school until they’re seven years old. 


Also, on my last stop in Chile, I learned that our school schedule is much different than theirs because of the climate. Children have summer break from December to March and get two to three weeks off during winter in July.


That’s a lot of information, our friends will be excited to learn something new. Did you also do any activities?


Mostly sightseeing. There’s a lot of beautiful architecture* that I wanted to experience up close. When I was in Spain, I saw the Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Familia, and I walked on Las Ramblas, the famous boulevard that stretches through Barcelona.


I also saw the Eiffel Tower and went to the top to get a huge look at Paris. It was a real eyeful!


So Everly, have you made any plans now that you’ve returned home?


Well first, I’m really excited to see my friends for Weekend Game Day and share everything I’ve learned during my expedition*. I’ve also made sure to get all my school supplies so that I’ll be prepared for my first day back at school.


Thank you Everly, you’ve certainly given us some interesting facts and a few ideas of places to visit! We’re so happy that you’re back and we wish you a great first day at Awesome Academy!


Thank you, I enjoyed being here!




It’s always fun to continue learning. Here are some travel words that were used in the interview:


Excursion – a short journey or trip


Saltation – hopping or leaping movements


Observant – quickly noticing details


Architecture – the design or structure of an object


Expedition – traveling for a particular reason

Summer Fun with Hawaiian Vocabulary!

No matter where in the world you live, summer is a time that makes us picture bright sunshine, blue skies, beautiful plants blooming, and even beaches, lakes, and swimming pools! There are some places where it feels like summer all year long, and the Hawaiian Islands are one of those places!

To help get us into the spirit of summertime, we thought it would be fun to learn a few Hawaiian terms!

The first one – kau wela (pronounced KAH-oo WEH-luh) – means “summer” in Hawaiian!





Did you know:

Summer happens at a different time in the Northern Hemispheren (everywhere on Earth above the Equator) and the Southern Hemisphere (everywhere on Earth below the Equator)? This means that in one country it might be winter, and summer somewhere else! It also means that no matter what it’s like outside where you live, it is probably summertime somewhere in the world! 

Hawaii does have a winter season (without any snow, of course), but the temperatures aren’t much different between summer and winter. So all year long, you can find pretty flowers and luscious plants growing. How cool is that?!


Hawaiian Vocabulary

There are lots of really cool words in the Hawaiian language, and here are a few to get you started:

Word                                       Meaning

Aloha                                   hello, goodbye and love.

Mahalo                               thank you.

Ohana                                 family.

Keiki                                    child or children.

E komo mai                         welcome.

Hale                                     house or home.


Did you know:

The Hawaiian language has fewer letters than the English language, with only 7 consonants! (English has 21!)
The letters in the Hawaiian alphabet are: a e i o u (vowels) and h k l m n p w (consonants)
People’s names and other words translated from English to Hawaiian therefore have a slightly different pronunciation.


Hawaiian Names

In Hawaii, Hawaiian people often have their own beautiful names from the Hawaiian language. Here are some neat examples:

Name                             Meaning

‘Alohilani           –         Bright Sky

Kahōku             –         The Star     

Wainani             –         Beautiful Water   


You can translate your name into Hawaiian, too! Here are some examples! (PS – If your name isn’t on the list, you can do a quick internet search and find out what your Hawaiian name is!)

Aaliyah               – Aliiaha                           Beth            – Peka                        Kaitlyn       – Kaikeline
Adrianna            – Akaliana                        Breanna      – Paleana                   Laura         – Lala
Aimee / Amy      – Eme                              Brittany       – Palikane                   Lisa           – Lika
Alex                     – Alika                             Brooke        – Paloke                      Lyndsey    – Linekekei
Alison                 – Alekona                        Candace     – Kanakake                 Madeline   – Makelina
Amanda             – Amanaka                      Caroline      – Kalolaina                  Madison     – Makikonu
Angela                – Anela                            Claire          – Kalala                       Marie           – Malia


What do you notice about the names listed here in English and in Hawaiian? Can you figure out which letters are different, based on the Hawaiian alphabet?

People have so many different names, we couldn’t list them all here, but we hope you will do some exploring of your own and discover what your name translated into Hawaiian sounds like!

We hope you have fun using these fun Hawaiian terms, and enjoy some fun summer adventure wherever you are!

Surf’s Up! An Interview with Gabe, OG’s June Doll of the Month

Catch some waves and hang ten with Gabe, the coolest surfer in OG town and the June 2019 OG Doll of the Month!

In this interview, we learn more about Gabe and how he started to surf!

We also brush up on our surfing lingo.

(PS – Look for definitions of words with a * at the end of the interview!)



Hi Gabe, thanks so much for chatting with us today!

Thanks for having me!


We see that you’re ready for the beach with your orange surfboard! How long have you been surfing for?

It’s been many years, since I was a baby practically! There’s nothing I like better than balancing on a wave or feeling the sand in between my toes. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling down or stressed. *he laughs* I know that must sound weird, but it’s my way to escape the regular world and get out of my head. I feel at peace and one with the ocean when I’m out there on the waves.

How did you learn to surf? Did someone teach you?

I started on my own when I was a kid. I lived close to the ocean and spent a lot of time there with family and friends. My dad taught me how to catch ankle busters* by the time I was around 2 or 3 years old. As I grew older, I learned more tricks and skills from friends and other surfers along the way. I feel like it’s mostly a matter of just practicing and being out on the water as often as you can. You learn so much about the ocean and waves and how to surf, by actually doing it all the time!

I also teach barneys* on the weekends, or in my down time, which surprisingly brings me back and teaches me how to perfect the basics. I also occasionally ride goofy* so I challenge myself a bit more by switching things up!

What was the most amazing surfing experience you’ve ever had?

It happened a year ago! I was on this gnarly* wave that ended up being double overhead* and I ended up surfing the whole wave and coming out the doggy door*. It was incredible! My friend captured the whole thing on video and we still occasionally watch it to this day. It was epic, and something I’ll never forget.

Wow that sounds intense!?

Admittedly, I was initially really scared, but then I remembered what my dad told me all those years ago… “Keep a cool head Gabe, and you’ll be alright, you’ll make the right decisions in the moment,” and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t panic, I let the nerves roll over me like the waves, and I did my best to stay safe.

Well we’re happy to hear you made it out safely and have an amazing story to tell! So Gabe, do you have any hobbies or interests other than surfing?

Yeah, totally! I love helping out at my local dog shelter. Is that a hobby? I mean I volunteer there and I help them take care of the animals and work on rehabilitation so that we can eventually find them all homes.

I’ve had pets my whole life, and I especially love dogs, so I try to help them whenever I can. It brings me a lot of joy, as much joy as surfing actually!

Volunteering is definitely an amazing hobby and we’re so happy to have had a chance to chat with you Gabe, thanks for a great interview!

Thanks, it was a good time!



Words can sometimes mean different things. Within this interview, these words mean the following:

*ankle busters: “small waves”

*barneys: “a new or inexperience surfer”

*goofy: “when you ride your surfboard with your right foot forward”

*gnarly: “a dangerous wave”

*double overhead: “a wave around 12 feet tall”

*doggy door: “exiting through the small hold left at the end of a wave before it closes”

A Paws-itively Awesome Interview with May’s Doll of the Month Leslie

Who loves going for long walks with a furry friend, and understands how to speak fluently in “dog language”? It’s May’s Doll of the Month Leslie!

Leslie loves all types of animals, but has a soft spot for mammals* of the canine* variety!

She is a professional dog walker, and spends most of her evenings and weekends at her local dog park.

We caught up with Leslie for an interview with her. Let’s learn more about what it takes to look after dogs!

(PS – Look for definitions of words with a * at the end of the interview!)





We’re looking forward to chatting with you today, Leslie!

Thank you! I’m looking forward to it too.


We’ve never talked to a dog walker before… How did you get into this profession?

I’ve always loved dogs, and since I have one of my own (an adorable Husky with really unique tan-colored fur!), my neighbors would often ask me to dog sit while they were away on vacation. Word got out, and soon more of my neighbors started reaching out and asking for me to take their dogs on walks or to the park when they were too busy or away from home for extended periods.

Honestly, it seemed to have happened naturally! And I’m so glad it did, because I really enjoy the time I spend with my furry friends!


Did you take any courses or training classes along the way? Or ddid you just know instinctively* how to take care of dogs with different temperaments* and personalities?

That’s a really great question!

Although I do have a natural ability to communicate and get along with animals, I realized early on that additional training could be beneficial* for my clients… in this case, my clients being the dogs (*she laughs*).

Not all dogs react the same way to the same things or environments. I had to learn how to adjust my approach with each one so they felt safe and trusted me.

I’ve taken online classes and in-person classes with my own dog, and even some of my clients’ dogs! I’ve also had an expert come along with me on my walks to help me improve how I interact with my dogs.


Do you have any specific products that you use, or games and toys that you would recommend to dog owners?

Definitely! I’ve used my share of products to know the difference between good and bad ones.

My favorite leashes for small dogs are actually harnesses*. They make sure to keep the dog’s neck safe. Small dogs are more fragile and could get hurt easily from a quick tug or an accidental pull, like when they suddenly chase after something. Some pet owners with small dogs don’t realize how dangerous it can be to walk their pets with a simple collar and leash system!

I also really love to purchase classic rubber toys for all sizes of dogs. When you bounce them, they go in unpredictable directions, which is fun for dogs to jump or run after. They can also be used to hide treats or peanut butter, which will keep a dog occupied for a little while. Or they can prevent a dog from eating too quickly, especially if they have digestive issues. They’re incredibly robust* and made to last, even with large sharp teeth and regular use.

Most importantly though, I always strongly recommend that all pet owners invest in dog tags for their pets! Including a cell phone number on the tag is always ideal, so if someone finds your lost pup, they’re able to contact you immediately.

Even if a dog is microchipped, the person who finds them would have to bring the dog into a facility like a vet clinic in order to read the chip, which can waste precious time. And that time could be spent not worrying about your pet and having them home safely with you!(Not to mention that you will have to catch the dog to bring them to the vet, and that can be hard if the dog is scared or panicked!)


That’s some really great advice; thank you for sharing those tips!

Apart from spending time with your canine friends, do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I have so many hobbies and interests! I love to go skating in the winter, and roller skating in the summer. Anything that allows me to spend more time outside is a plus for me. I try to incorporate winter and summer sports in my life so I can enjoy all seasons.

Every year I also go camping with my dog in the mountains. We spend at least a week together, fishing, hiking and playing guitar. My dog’s not very good at playing the guitar, but I’m getting better at it (*she laughs*). I’m also really great at telling terrible jokes! Hahahaha!


We love your sense of humor, Leslie! Thanks so much for the wonderful chat. It definitely sounds like you’ve found your calling*! 

Thank you for your time and for allowing me to share one of my greatest passions!



Words can sometimes mean different things. Within this interview, these words mean the following:

*mammal: “a warm-blooded animal that typically has hair or fur, and provides milk to their young”

*canine: “a dog”

*temperament: “a dog’s natural personality or character”

*instinctively: “naturally”

*beneficial: “being good for”

*harness: “straps that loop around the body of an animal instead of just around the neck”

*robust: “strong”

*calling: “a strong urge or push in a particular direction or profession”


Leslie comes with a Husky Pup, her very own pet. Is your Our Generation doll looking for the perfect pet to adopt? Discover all kinds of great pet-themed dolls, pets, and accessories in the Our Generation Pet-Themed Gift Guide, and explore all of the pet-themed items in the Our Generation Pet Theme Collection!

Learn how to make a great DIY Dog Tag that you can hang on your pet’s collar, and use the extra materials to make a gift with the DIY Mother’s Day Keychains tutorial!

For even more ways to have fun with your Our Generation dolls and pets, check out the Pup Adoption Certificate, the Veterinarian Pup Check-Up, and the Furry Friends Word Search in our Fun Stuff – OG Activities section, and share your doll’s pet stories with us on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!


Gift Guide: Pet-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!


In the Pet-Themed Gift Guide, we highlight some of the dolls, outfits, and accessories that are part of the Our Generation Pet Theme Collection! There are lots of different pets to choose from, and adopting a new pet for your dolls is just the beginning!

OG kids know that great friends come in all shapes and sizes – some of them even have feathers, fins, and fur! Caring for a pet is a great way to bring love and happiness to your doll’s life and provide them with their own loyal pal to snuggle.

Pretend-play with dolls is a great way to encourage kids to learn all about animals, including how to care for them, what they eat, and how to communicate effectively.


Whether they are tiny critters like turtles and guinea pigs or larger animals like pups and kittens, your dolls will have so much fun caring for their pets and taking them on adventures!


Pups and Dolls Make Great BFFs (Best Furry Friends)!


Leslie sitting with Husky in her lap
                  Leslie & Pet Husky
                    Candice & Pet Chic


Meet Leslie and Candice, two Our Generation Dolls who are passionate about their pups!

Leslie has a pet Husky who loves to play fetch with her favorite ball. While Candice and her pet (named Chic) love twinning in their favorite fashion!





“Paws” for a Rest in the Perfect Place for Pups!

pitbull Pup sleeping in OG Puppy House
OG Puppy House
(Pups sold separately)


Every pet needs a loving home with a great friend to care for them, but it’s also nice to give them a little home of their own!

Check out the OG Puppy House, a super-cool dog house for 6-inch Our Generation Pups!

It comes with a pillow and lots of accessories, and it even has a roof that can lift up!

(Pssst! This house can be used for kittens or other pets too! This is your story, and you make the rules!)






Adopt the Perfect Pal for your Dolls!


What are your favorite kinds of animals? What type of pets would your dolls like to have? With the collection of Our Generation Loyal Pals, there are lots to choose from!

Posable Scottish Terrier Pup
Our Generation 6-inch American Shorthair Kitten Cat Plush Posable Legs
Posable American Shorthair Kitten



Posable pals like the Scottish Terrier Pup and American Shorthair Kitten have bendable legs, so you really can teach them new tricks like shaking paws, stretching, sitting, and traveling with friends!






Pet Ferret, Pet Bunny, Pet Turtle, and Pet Bird
(Sets sold separately)


And of course, sometimes the cutest friends come in the smallest sizes, like the Pet Ferret, Pet Bunny, Pet Bird, and Pet Turtle!












Help Keep Pets Healthy from Nose to Tail!


       Noemie – Vet Doll
(Hamster assistant Rupert included!)
Anais holding plush pup
Anais – Vet Doll
(Pups sold separately)




Noemie and Anais, two Our Generation dolls who are living their career dreams as Veterinarians!









Both Noemie and Anais are passionate about helping animals feel their best. Noemie has long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes that open and close. And Anais has long, strawberry-blonde hair with bright green eyes that also open and close. Both of these Vet Dolls arrive wearing fun scrubs outfits, a helpful uniform for their work at the Vet Clinic. They also come with realistic vet tools to perform fun checkups! When they’re not busy at the vet clinic, these dolls love dressing up in all kinds of fun and stylish outfits!


Healthy Paws Are Happy Paws at the Vet Clinic

Electronic Healthy Paws Vet Clinic Playset Pink for 18-inch Dolls
Healthy Paws Vet Clinic in Pink



Comfort and care for animals is the name of the game at the
Healthy Paws Vet Clinic!

This fully stocked clinic playset has everything your dolls need to help all animals feel their very best. It features a light-up x-ray box, 2 kennels for overnight stays, and an exam table where your pets can relax during their check-ups!




Healthy Paws Vet Outfit Naya
Healthy Paws Vet Uniform
(Dolls sold separately)



Any doll can follow their dreams of being a veterinarian when you dress them in the Healthy Paws Vet Uniform!

These colorful vet scrubs have a cute animal print, and include a stethoscope, notepad, and more, so your dolls will be ready to help out their next furry, finned, or feathered patient!






Cassie using the Pet Grooming Set
(Dolls and Pets sold separately)
Our Generation Pet Store Set with 18-inch Doll Noemie
Noemie setting up the Pet Store Set
(Dolls sold separately)



Looking to expand your doll’s pet-themed business? There are lots of great additions to the Healthy Paws Vet Clinic that are also a ton of fun to play with on their own!








Use the Pet Store Set and open for business with a counter and cash register where your dolls can sell pet supplies and toys!

The Pet Grooming Set has everything they need to groom all kinds of animals and help them shine, including a hair dryer with a realistic sound!


These are just some of the ways your dolls can find fun and adventure with Our Generation Pets!
For more inspiration, visit the Pup Adoption CertificateVeterinarian Check-Up, and Furry Friends Word Search in our  OG Activities section!

We hope this Pet-Themed Gift Guide has provided some fun ideas for the animal lovers in your life. Discover more exciting products from Our Generation’s Pet Theme and share your stories with us on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!



DIY Mother’s Day Keychains!

Learn how to make DIY Mother’s Day keychains with our easy tutorial!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s a great time to show your mom how much she means to you with a special gift!

It doesn’t have to be something complicated or expensive, the most important thing is that you show your mom you care! Handmade gifts are great because they come straight from the heart – and we know OG Kids have some of the biggest hearts around!

Because our Doll of the Month for May is Leslie and her Pet Husky, we decided to make keychains with cute drawings of animals on them…but you can show off your creativity with whichever style of keychain you want!

Did you know?

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be just for biological moms! You can celebrate this day with anyone who plays an important nurturing or guiding role in your life.

Some children have more than one mom, and some have none at all! Everyone is different, and that’s okay! What’s important is to honor the people who are positive influences in your life and show them your love and gratitude with a kind word or gift.



  • Shrinky Dinks® Bright White Creative Pack
  • Permanent Markers (black and various colors)
  • Scissors (ideally very sharp)
  • Keychain rings

**Safety First! These DIY Dog Tags require the use of sharp scissors and a hot oven. Please get help from and adult to make sure that you can do this craft project safely!**


1. Draw or trace any design of your choice onto the Shrinky Dinks® paper (making sure it’s 2-3 times larger than the final size you desire, as they shrink after baking)

2. Write a message for your mom

3. Punch a hole in the keychain before placing it in the oven

4. Put the final pieces into a preheated 325°F oven on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper for 1-3 minutes

5. The designs will start to curl in the oven, and then magically lay flat again. Once flattened, wait 30 more seconds for them to set completely and remove from the oven

6. Add a keychain ring and it’s ready to be gifted!


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If you have extra materials from this craft and are looking for a fun and creative way to use them, why not make a cool, DIY Dog Tag for your OG Pup or your favorite pet! The tutorial shows you just how to do it!


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DIY Dog Tags for Your Pups and OG Loyal Pals!

Get creative and show some love to your pets this spring by making them one of these easy DIY Dog Tags!

Whether they are real pets or made of cuddly plush (or even if they are imaginary!), they will look great wearing the handmade pet collar tags that you created with love!

Did you know?

Dog tags make it much easier for your pet to be returned to you if they should get lost!

Even if your pet is microchipped, vets suggest that you include your cell phone number on your tag to make it much easier and faster for people to contact you.

Afterall, we love our pets like family, and we never want to be away from them for very long!



DIY Dog Tags for OG Pets!

This tutorial will show you how to make colorful and fun tags that you can draw yourself!

They are perfect for your doll’s pets, and you can add them to your real pet’s collar, too!

(Just remember, you might need to keep your pet’s official, metal pet tags in place as well. If you’re not sure, check with an adult!)


**Safety First! These DIY Dog Tags require the use of sharp scissors and a hot oven. Please get help from and adult to make sure that you can do this craft project safely!**



  • Shrinky Dinks® Bright White Creative Pack (available in craft department of your local department store)
  • Permanent markers (black and various colors)
  • Scissors (ideally very sharp – get an adult to help you!)
  • A hole punch
  • Jump rings (to secure to pet collars)




1. Draw or trace your bone design (or any design of your choice) onto the Shrinky Dinks® paper (making sure it’s 2-3 times larger than the final size you desire, because they shrink after baking)


2. Punch a hole in the tag before placing it in the oven

3. Put the final tags into a preheated 325oF oven on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper for 1-3 minutes

4. The tags will start to curl in the oven, and then magically lay flat again.
Wait 30 more seconds and remove from the oven.

5. Add a jump ring so you can secure it to your pet’s collar.


You now have a cool, handmade tag for your pet!!


If you have extra materials from this craft and are looking for a fun and creative way to use them, why not make a gift for the special adult in your life with the DIY Mother’s Day Keychains tutorial!


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