Gift Guide: Pet-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!


In the Pet-Themed Gift Guide, we highlight some of the dolls, outfits, and accessories that are part of the Our Generation Pet Theme Collection! There are lots of different pets to choose from, and adopting a new pet for your dolls is just the beginning!

OG kids know that great friends come in all shapes and sizes – some of them even have feathers, fins, and fur! Caring for a pet is a great way to bring love and happiness to your doll’s life and provide them with their own loyal pal to snuggle.

Pretend-play with dolls is a great way to encourage kids to learn all about animals, including how to care for them, what they eat, and how to communicate effectively.


Whether they are tiny critters like turtles and guinea pigs or larger animals like pups and kittens, your dolls will have so much fun caring for their pets and taking them on adventures!


Pups and Dolls Make Great BFFs (Best Furry Friends)!


Leslie sitting with Husky in her lap
                  Leslie & Pet Husky
                    Candice & Pet Chic


Meet Leslie and Candice, two Our Generation Dolls who are passionate about their pups!

Leslie has a pet Husky who loves to play fetch with her favorite ball. While Candice and her pet (named Chic) love twinning in their favorite fashion!





“Paws” for a Rest in the Perfect Place for Pups!

pitbull Pup sleeping in OG Puppy House
OG Puppy House
(Pups sold separately)


Every pet needs a loving home with a great friend to care for them, but it’s also nice to give them a little home of their own!

Check out the OG Puppy House, a super-cool dog house for 6-inch Our Generation Pups!

It comes with a pillow and lots of accessories, and it even has a roof that can lift up!

(Pssst! This house can be used for kittens or other pets too! This is your story, and you make the rules!)






Adopt the Perfect Pal for your Dolls!


What are your favorite kinds of animals? What type of pets would your dolls like to have? With the collection of Our Generation Loyal Pals, there are lots to choose from!

Posable Scottish Terrier Pup
Our Generation 6-inch American Shorthair Kitten Cat Plush Posable Legs
Posable American Shorthair Kitten



Posable pals like the Scottish Terrier Pup and American Shorthair Kitten have bendable legs, so you really can teach them new tricks like shaking paws, stretching, sitting, and traveling with friends!






Pet Ferret, Pet Bunny, Pet Turtle, and Pet Bird
(Sets sold separately)


And of course, sometimes the cutest friends come in the smallest sizes, like the Pet Ferret, Pet Bunny, Pet Bird, and Pet Turtle!












Help Keep Pets Healthy from Nose to Tail!


       Noemie – Vet Doll
(Hamster assistant Rupert included!)
Anais holding plush pup
Anais – Vet Doll
(Pups sold separately)




Noemie and Anais, two Our Generation dolls who are living their career dreams as Veterinarians!









Both Noemie and Anais are passionate about helping animals feel their best. Noemie has long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes that open and close. And Anais has long, strawberry-blonde hair with bright green eyes that also open and close. Both of these Vet Dolls arrive wearing fun scrubs outfits, a helpful uniform for their work at the Vet Clinic. They also come with realistic vet tools to perform fun checkups! When they’re not busy at the vet clinic, these dolls love dressing up in all kinds of fun and stylish outfits!


Healthy Paws Are Happy Paws at the Vet Clinic

Electronic Healthy Paws Vet Clinic Playset Pink for 18-inch Dolls
Healthy Paws Vet Clinic in Pink



Comfort and care for animals is the name of the game at the
Healthy Paws Vet Clinic!

This fully stocked clinic playset has everything your dolls need to help all animals feel their very best. It features a light-up x-ray box, 2 kennels for overnight stays, and an exam table where your pets can relax during their check-ups!




Healthy Paws Vet Outfit Naya
Healthy Paws Vet Uniform
(Dolls sold separately)



Any doll can follow their dreams of being a veterinarian when you dress them in the Healthy Paws Vet Uniform!

These colorful vet scrubs have a cute animal print, and include a stethoscope, notepad, and more, so your dolls will be ready to help out their next furry, finned, or feathered patient!






Cassie using the Pet Grooming Set
(Dolls and Pets sold separately)
Our Generation Pet Store Set with 18-inch Doll Noemie
Noemie setting up the Pet Store Set
(Dolls sold separately)



Looking to expand your doll’s pet-themed business? There are lots of great additions to the Healthy Paws Vet Clinic that are also a ton of fun to play with on their own!








Use the Pet Store Set and open for business with a counter and cash register where your dolls can sell pet supplies and toys!

The Pet Grooming Set has everything they need to groom all kinds of animals and help them shine, including a hair dryer with a realistic sound!


These are just some of the ways your dolls can find fun and adventure with Our Generation Pets!
For more inspiration, visit the Pup Adoption CertificateVeterinarian Check-Up, and Furry Friends Word Search in our  OG Activities section!

We hope this Pet-Themed Gift Guide has provided some fun ideas for the animal lovers in your life. Discover more exciting products from Our Generation’s Pet Theme and share your stories with us on Facebook and Instagram (@ogdolls)!