Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head
Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head with Accessories
Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head with Braid Tutorial
Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head
Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head with Accessories
Nessa Doll Hair Styling Head with Braid Tutorial

Nessa – Styling Head

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Let's Play with New Looks and get Creative!

Decorate and create new hairstyles with Nessa, the 9-inch Our Generation styling head doll! She has warm brown eyes and long, dark-brown hair that’s lots of fun to brush and style! She also comes with a selection of beautiful hair accessories like 2 heart-shaped hair clips, a headband with a bow, a hair brush, lip gloss, and 2 sticker sheets. The best part? These styling accessories can also be used on kids too! Nessa is the perfect styling head for testing out all your sparkling ideas, just reach deep into your imagination and shine!

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Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Specialty Doll #BD31207
Comes with:
  • 1 doll styling head
  • 1 headband
  • 2 heart-shaped hair clips
  • 1 hair brush
  • 1 lip gloss
  • 1 flower gem sticker sheet
  • 1 pink glitter sticker sheets
  • 1 hair style booklet
Product Details:

    All About the Nessa Doll Styling Head

  • 9-inch styling head with long brown hair and brown eyes that open and close
  • Includes doll styling head, 2 sticker sheets, brush, lip gloss, headband, and 2 hair clips
  • 9.5" (H) x 9" (W) x 5" (D)
  • Styling accessories can be used on dolls and kids!
  • Suggested for ages 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required

Caring for Your Our Generation Doll Styling Head

Nessa has long, straight hair that is perfect for brushing and styling again and again! It is important to take good care of your doll styling head so that you can enjoy creating new hairstyles for a long time to come!
First things first: haircare for your doll will be easier with the proper tools!
We recommend using a round-tipped wire brush.
You can also use the small spray bottle that is included with your doll head (it should be filled with clean water). If you use a different kind of spray bottle, the best kind to use will be able to spray a very fine mist (instead of a strong jet).
Second, make sure to avoid heat and never use styling products on Nessa's hair! Heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners and products like gels or mousses can permanently damage your doll styling head.

To help brush her hair, we recommend very lightly misting her hair with water - not too much! - to remove static and make the hair easier to detangle.

When tangles happen, don't panic! It helps to locate the tangle, spray it lightly with water, and then use a wide-toothed comb to gently pick apart the tangle. Try to avoid pulling too hard on tangled doll hair as that can make it worse!

We know you will do everything you can to keep your doll happy and healthy.