Dream Bunks Bed Set for 18-inch Dolls
Dream Bunks Bed Set for 18-inch Dolls detail of Blankets and Pillows
Dream Bunks Bed Set with Sia and Sabina in bed
Sia and Sabina holding pillows from the Dream Bunks
Dream Bunks Bed Set for 18-inch Dolls
Dream Bunks Bed Set for 18-inch Dolls detail of Blankets and Pillows
Dream Bunks Bed Set with Sia and Sabina in bed
Sia and Sabina holding pillows from the Dream Bunks

Dream Bunks – White

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Fun doll bunk beds for 18-inch dolls!

A dream come true – for two!
Double up your dolls’ bedtime fun with the Our Generation Dream Bunks, a lovely bunk bed set for 18-inch dolls! This two-level bed is perfect for twin dolls or for any two dolls you prefer!
Because we’re super-fast runners and treasure hunters, magicians and mathematicians. But most of all, we’re dreamers. We spend our waking hours raising funds to protect rain forests, teaching little sisters how to build tents out of blankets and tiptoeing down the stairs past bedtime for one last sip of water. This is our time. This is our story.

Bedtime Accessories for 18-inch Dolls

Dream big while you catch some ZZZs!

Who tagged the top bunk? Let your dolls take turns! Made from durable white plastic, these doll bunk beds are easy to assemble- just snap the pieces together, put the mattresses and bedding on, and you’ll be all set to tuck your dolls in for the night. The Dream Bunks feature two fabric-covered foam mattresses, two pillows, and two blankets – all in lovely pastel and gray shades with coordinated patterns. Have fun redecorating your bunk beds – the blankets are reversible. The built-in ladder makes it easy for your dolls to reach the upper bunk. The Dream Bunks are a great addition to any doll’s bedroom and are great for sleepovers, too!

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Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Accessory #BD37881
Comes with:
  • 1 bunk bed (8 pieces to assemble)
  • 2 mattresses
  • 2 comforters
  • 2 assorted pillows
  • Dolls and outfits sold separately
Product Details:

    All About the Dream Bunks - White

  • Bunk Bed Set for 18-inch dolls
  • Sturdy, lightweight plastic construction
  • Includes 2 mattresses, 2 pillows, 2 blankets
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Suggested for Age 3+
  • No batteries required
  • Requires assembly
  • The dolls pictured are Sia and Sabina
  • Dolls and outfits sold separately

Caring for Your Dream Bunks Bed

The Dream Bunks are easy to assembly, but we recommend getting help from an adult! Assembling the Dream Bunks will be easiest on a clean, flat surface like a table. All of the pieces easily snap together so you will not require any tools.
Please be careful when snapping the pieces together - once they're put together, they can be hard to take apart!
To avoid breakage, please be careful during assembly.
For troubleshooting, please contact our Customer Service Team at battathelp.com and we'll be happy to lend a helping hand!

Care and Cleaning
Doll accessories are not quite like accessories for people, so they need to be cared for in a special way. A little prevention can go a long way towards keeping your doll accessories nice and tidy for years to come!

Since doll accessories can be made of a range of materials, we recommend avoiding commercial cleaners and detergents as those products may damage your product. To clean the surface of any accessory, simply use a damp cloth and warm water.

For small messes, try using a clean, damp cloth to gently spot clean the products. First, sponge up as much of the mess as you can, then use warm water to gently rub the area. Let the item air-dry and repeat as needed.

It is also a very good idea to avoid exposing your doll accessories to heat sources like direct sunlight, irons, and clothes dryers, especially for items that contain plastics.

Remember, sometimes life gets messy, especially when you are having fun!
Our Generation dolls love going on adventures, and they understand that sometimes even a favorite toy might get dirty during a fun day.