Featured Luna

Why all the drama? Just wear a pajama! LunaTM has a passion for pajamas. Onesies, twosies, footsies, holiday PJs, and PJs covered in pineapples, pandas, and pizzas. She loves the snuggliness, the fuzziness, the pure jamaliciousness of them. She loves her PJs so much she'll wear them all weekend long. If only she could wear them to schoolÉ That's why PJ Day at Middlestone Elementary School is so important to her. (Actually, it was her idea.) But there's one thing Luna dreams of even more than PJ Day. Can you guess? When pajamas end up saving the day, she'll find a new friend and have another chance to wear her beloved PJs. But there'll be a few challenges in her way before Luna can finally make her Sleepover Dream come true.

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