Featured Reese

Reesetm loves the bedtime stories that her Papa tells her. Every night they travel back in time to faraway kingdoms where castles, secret doors, hidden tunnels, towers, moats and magical spells are all part of the adventures! According to her mom, Reese has "castle fever." But her dad says Reese also has "camp fever." Going to Pine Breeze Sleep-Away Camp during summer vacation is just about all Reese and her three friends talk about. They're going to be bunkmates and they're so excited! Reese never dreamed in a million years that she would ever actually step foot into a real castle. Then along comes an opportunity for her to do just that, in Europe, and she'll even get to sleep in a castle! But there's a not-so-teeny-tiny problem. The trip to Europe is during sleep-away camp. Her friends are upset that she'd think about ditching them. When school ends, Reese's adventure will begin. Which will she choose: camp or castles?

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