Featured Lorelei

Loreleitm loves living on her family's small dairy farm. The beautiful green fields, the brilliant blue sky, the black-and-white dairy cows... Lorelei enjoys painting the landscape she sees around her. She also likes making funny sketches of the family's 82 cows! Imagine how upset Lorelei is when she learns that many small dairy farmers are struggling to keep their farms! What if her family's farm is in trouble? How can she help? When Lorelei and her best friend, Abril, discover something unusual in an old barn, Lorelei suddenly has an idea for a summer project that will be both helpful - and delicious! But there are problems. Can Lorelei overcome her fear of being made fun of by the "town" kids, including the popular Nina? Will Abril's interest in the theater get in the way of the project's success - and her friendship with Lorelei? An idea that begins with the goal of saving family dairy farms could end up changing Lorelei's life in many important ways, too.

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