Featured Shannon

Shannontm is thrilled when her mom and dad share their family summer vacation plans. They're driving coast-to-coast on a scavenger hunt from Boston to San Francisco! They'll camp all along the way, with clues to help Shannon figure out the interesting places they'll visit. Suddenly, Shannon's travel plans take a seriously wrong turn when she discovers that her cousin, Neve, is coming along on the trip. Shannon and Neve never agree on anything. Shannon is a dog lover. Neve adores cats. Shannon is the outdoorsy, nature-lover type. Neve shrieks if she even thinks she sees a bug. They're complete opposites! They even live on opposite sides of the United States. Now, they are going to be stuck together in a camper for three whole weeks! As Shannon is about to find out, there are plenty of twists and turns ahead in mapping out a true friendship.

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