Adriana 18-inch Glitter Tattoo Doll
Adriana standing with hands clasped
Detail of glitter tattoo accessories
Detail of Adriana with glitter tattoos
Detail of glitter tattoo on arm
Detail of glitter tattoo on face
Detail of glitter tattoo on legs
Detail of glitter tattoo style guide
Adriana 18-inch Glitter Tattoo Doll
Adriana standing with hands clasped
Detail of glitter tattoo accessories
Detail of Adriana with glitter tattoos
Detail of glitter tattoo on arm
Detail of glitter tattoo on face
Detail of glitter tattoo on legs
Detail of glitter tattoo style guide


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My Time to Shine! 18-inch Deco Doll with Glitter Tattoos

We Our Generation girls glitter & shine, leaving a dash of sparkle everywhere we go!
Make every day shine bright with a little bit of glitter and Our Generation Glitter Tattoo Deco Doll – Adriana! Adriana finds lots of ways to express her personality. She always uses a heart to put the dot on the letter i, she draws really intricate chalk art to decorate her hopscotch grids, and she adds a little bit of extra glitter and sparkle to herself!
Because we’re a very special generation of girls, aren’t we? We don’t feel the need to define who we are. We’re just us, and proud of it. We love to do our hair, wear skirts, and dig in the dirt. (Occasionally all at the same time, if we feel like it.) We’re curious about laser beams while we’re chasing after our big dreams. We are here to live out loud. This is our time. This is our story.

Glitter Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

Sparkle and shine that shows your bright spirits!

This 18-inch doll has long, wavy auburn (reddish-brown) hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Give Adriana a little extra dazzle by decorating her with temporary glitter tattoos! The handy instruction book tells you how. When you’re ready for a new design, the tattoos rub off so you can start again. Adriana wears a beautiful, modern black-and-purple dress with a bow collar and sheer overlay skirt. Her purple headband and adorable lace socks with flat purple shoes are the finishing touch. Mix and match Adriana’s wardrobe with other OG outfits for endless combinations.

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Glitter and shine are some of Adriana’s favorite things, so of course she also loves unicorns! Dress her in the Unicorn Wishes pajama outfit featuring a sparkly star and a miniature plush unicorn for dolls! This outfit is so cute it practically guarantees sweet dreams for your dolls!
Adriana loves her glitter tattoos, but there are lots of other ways for her to get “all dolled up!” Check out the Let’s Hear It for the Curl set, which comes with doll hairstyling accessories so that you can give your doll temporary curls! Set it up along with the Sitting Pretty Salon Chair and you can create a super-cool doll hair salon!

Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Specialty Doll #BD31087
Comes with:
  • 1 non-posable 18-inch doll
  • 1 dress
  • 1 headband
  • 1 pair of undies
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 4 re-usable stencils
  • 3 glitter tattoo colors
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 1 instruction booklet
Product Details:

    All About Adriana

  • 18-inch glitter tattoo deco doll
  • Long, wavy auburn hair & hazel eyes
  • Includes dress, headband, undies, socks, shoes, glitter, stencils, & guide
  • Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl
  • Suggested for Age 3+ (small parts)
  • No batteries required

Caring for Your Our Generation Doll

Glitter Tattoos

Adriana is an Our Generation Deco Doll who has lots of fun expressing herself with glitter tattoos!
For the best results, we recommend adding glitter tattoos only to the plastic parts of your doll (like her arms, legs, and face) and avoiding her cloth body and hair. (Sometimes glitter glue is hard to remove from her body, clothes, and hair!)
Glitter is gorgeous, but it does have a habit of getting into places that you didn't intend! It's always a good idea to cover your work area with an old newspaper or a plastic sheet to protect other things from getting glittery without your permission!
To apply a glitter tattoo to your doll, first choose your stencil and position it where you want the tattoo to be. Using the bottle of glue, gently brush the glue over top of the stencil - all the way to the edges.
Next, sprinkle some glitter over top of the stencil and glue until the stencil is filled in.
Finally, peel away the stencil and have lots of fun showing your other doll friends your cool new glitter tattoo!
To remove your glitter tattoos: Simply wet a paper towel or kitchen cloth with water and gently rub the tattoo away until it's gone. Your tattoo stencils can be cleaned the same way!


Adriana arrives wearing her hair long and loose, but you can style her hair in a lot of different ways!
First things first - haircare for your doll will be easier with the proper tools!
For dolls like Adriana with wavy hair, we recommend using a wide-tooth, flexible comb and always working with very small sections at a time.
You may also need a small spray bottle filled with water. The best kind to use will be able to spray a very fine mist (instead of a strong jet).
Second, make sure to avoid heat and styling products on your doll's hair (and body)! Heated styling tools like hair dryers or straighteners, and products like gels or mousses, can permanently damage your doll.

We recommend brushing wavy hair very gently at the ends. It will help to preserve the waves if you start by combing with your fingers instead of using a brush. If her waves are falling flat, you can divide the hair into small sections, lightly mist with water, combing the section with a wide comb or your fingers, and then very tightly twisting the section into a tight spiral. You may wish to pin it in place to let it air dry. Whichever method you use, please be gentle with wavy hair!

Styling wavy hair is a lot of fun! You can braid it, put it into ponytails, do a half-up / half-down style - the only limit is your imagination! Styles that don't require the hair to be strongly brushed will help keep the original waves in place longer.

Important Tips

OG Dolls are always ready for fun and adventure. Just remember - the BEST kind of adventure for your OG Doll is in your imagination!
Your Our Generation doll has a cuddly, soft body that should not get wet. Pretend swimming is ok! But please do not submerse your doll in water.
OG Dolls love pretending to play on the beach, but please make sure not to let your doll sit in the sun for too long…exposure to heat of any kind can cause serious harm to your doll!
We know you will do everything you can to keep your doll happy and healthy.