Patent Purple Fashion Shoes for 18-inch dolls
Patent Purple Fashion Shoes for 18-inch dolls

Patent Purple

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Fashion Shoes to Accessorize your 18-inch Dolls!

Great fashion has the potential to go anywhere!

Start walking on the fun side with the Our Generation Patent Purple shoes for 18-inch dolls! There has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re sisters, cousins, and best friends who support animal shelters, have great moments together gazing at the stars, and laugh with each other until we’re gasping for air (even if sometimes we can’t remember what we’re laughing about). This is our time. This is our story.

Fashion Accessories for 18-inch Dolls!

Here she comes walking down the street!

These holographic fashion shoes are just the accessory to add a glossy finish to your dolls style. Whether it’s during playtime or bringing her to a fun event, your favorite doll will have no problem standing out. The easy-to-fasten straps make them simple to put on, and you can also show off your creativity by mixing and matching them with lots of different outfits. The fashion world could use some bright ideas from your imagination!

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Small parts.

Not for children under 3 years.
Accessory #BD37222
Comes with:
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • Dolls and outfits sold separately

Caring for Your Our Generation Patent Purple Shoes

Doll accessories are not quite like accessories for people, so they need to be cared for in a special way. A little prevention can go a long way towards keeping your doll accessories nice and tidy for years to come!

Since doll accessories can be made of a range of materials, we recommend avoiding commercial cleaners and detergents as those products may damage your product. To clean the surface of any accessory, simply use a damp cloth and warm water.

It is also a very good idea to avoid exposing your doll accessories to heat sources like direct sunlight, irons, and clothes dryers, especially for items that contain plastics.

For smaller messes, try using a clean, damp cloth to gently spot clean the products. First, sponge up as much of the mess as you can and use warm water to gently rub the area. Let the item air-dry and repeat as needed.

Remember, sometimes life gets messy, especially when you're having fun!
Our Generation dolls love going on adventures, and they understand that sometimes even a favorite toy might get dirty during a fun day.