Featured Coco

Cordelia Columbia loves chocolate. That's why her friends and family call her Cocotm. Not only is it easier to say than Cordelia Columbia, but "cocoa" is also the main ingredient in chocolate. If only Coco felt as passionate about her handwriting as she does about a caramel-filled chocolate truffle. Her teacher says her handwriting is impossible to read. Coco's best friend, Mei, is the opposite. She loves making fancy letters with fancy pens. Lately, she's been spending all her free time with a new friend. They've even started a calligraphy club. Coco feels left out. To her, "Cambi Laflamme" is a friend-stealing villain! Can chocolate help Coco win back her friend, improve her handwriting, AND come up with a great idea for her school's Valentine's Day Craft and Bake Sale?

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