Featured Rashida

When Rashida and her family move across the country, from California to Connecticut, Rashida's main concerns are settling her horse, Corabelle, into her new home at Round-the-Ring Stables - and preparing for the big dressage show at the end of the summer. Tamera, whose family runs the boarding stable, also has summer plans. She's going to pitch in to feed, water, and groom the horses, and ride whenever she can. And, of course, she'll make time for her favorite task: helping with the therapeutic riding lessons. When the two girls meet, they don't immediately connect. Rashida finds Tamera a bit intimidating. Tamera figures Rashida cares more about her horse than being friendly. As the summer continues, the girls are both in for a surprise. Each girl discovers she has not just one secret summer wish, but two!

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