Featured Rayna

When their fourth-grade teacher assigns a class project about food, Rayna and the new girl, shy Miranda, buddy up to work on it. Because Rayna stutters and is unsure how Miranda will react, she talks to Miranda about it, just to "g-g-get it out of the way." The girls regularly meet up at Rayna's family's restaurant to brainstorm and soon Miranda seems comfortable there - especially as Rayna's parents supply yummy snacks! But they just can't come up with a good idea - until an unexpected visitor "wheels in" with her food truck, and their plans for the project really begin to sizzle! But why won't Miranda ever invite Rayna over to her house to work on the project? What's Miranda doing when she says she's too busy to meet up or help with the food truck over spring break - and why won't she tell Rayna?

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