What World Doll Day Means for Kids



If you’re hearing about World Doll Day for the first time, you probably think it’s just another fun, silly day of celebration, like Wiggle Your Toes Day or Don’t Make Your Bed Day. (These days are totally real, by the way!). But there’s actually a special kind of joy that this particular day brings. And how we choose to celebrate it can make an even bigger impact on someone’s life.


Let’s take a quick look at what World Doll Day is and the important role it can play.

When is World Doll Day?

Mark your calendars! World Doll Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in June EVERY YEAR! The first World Doll Day was created by Mildred Seeley on June 14, 1986. And this year, it falls on June 10, 2023.

How Can I Celebrate World Doll Day?

Celebrating World Doll Day is easy and oh-so-fun! Everyone is encouraged to show their kindness by giving a doll to someone. It can be to a child in your life, those in need, or anyone who doesn’t have one – even kids at heart!

You can create wonderful moments for any doll fan, regardless of whom you gift a doll to.

Why Dolls Deserve Their Own Day

Dolls contribute in countless ways to a child’s social and emotional development. When kids role-play different stories or routines, they express their thoughts and practice their language skills by communicating with their dolls. They build empathy and understand the value of kindness and compassion. Over time, they learn to apply these skills in real-life situations when getting along with others and forming meaningful friendships.

What Do Our Generation Dolls Bring to Playtime?


Choosing suitable dolls can go a long way toward shaping a child’s confidence and ideas about the world around them. Our Generation dolls each have their own names and hobbies. Their hairstyles, clothing, and passions reflect real children. They are story-driven dolls that kids can create personalized adventures around. When kids receive an Our Generation doll, they begin to exercise their imagination by shaping the story, where it goes, and what happens along the way. And just like every great story, the more interesting or relatable the characters, the more engaging the adventure becomes.

But most importantly, Our Generation dolls are also diverse. They’re designed to keep up with all children’s imaginations and drive them toward discovering new levels of excitement. When children play with dolls that represent themselves or others around them, they feel the joy of belonging and learn the importance of being inclusive.

World Doll Day reminds us how essential dolls really are, especially today. Because every child is unique, and that has always been something to celebrate.

There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope this year’s World Doll Day will inspire you to bring joy and create lots of sweet memories. For more fun, follow our adventures on Instagram (@ogdolls) and TikTok (@officialogdolls) to keep up with everything Our Generation!