Secret Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner at Awesome Academy, and the students are getting ready to celebrate with fun crafts and activities!

In this week’s doll interview, we’re chatting with Leo. He just transferred to Awesome Academy, and he’s letting us know how his teacher came up with a way for everyone to enjoy the festivities together – even if some of the students don’t know each other very well.

Read Leo’s interview with us below and see how he (and the rest of his classmates) are preparing for this year’s Valentine’s Day!




Hi Leo! We’re so happy to have you with us today.

Hi! Thank you for having me.


You just joined Awesome Academy this semester, right?

I did. I was feeling nervous because I didn’t know anyone else in the class, and because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I was going to be left out when the students exchanged gifts.


Oh, I understand how you feel. It’s not always easy starting a new semester at another school. Is your class planning anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Yes! Our teacher, Miss Taylor, had us write our names and favorite things about Valentine’s Day on a piece of paper. Then we folded it up and put it in a hat for the rest of the class to choose from.

And now, everyone is making a Valentine’s Day gift for the person they chose.


Wow! That’s a fun way to get to know everyone. It sounds like the Secret Santa game, but with a heart-themed twist.

Exactly, it’s called a Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange!

It’s going to help me get to know some of the other students and become better friends. It becomes easier for kids who are a little shy or new to the classroom.

Plus, I like to make crafts, and with everyone’s ideas written on paper, I get to take a sneak peek into their likes and hobbies and add a personal touch to create the perfect gift.


Will everyone tell each other who they chose afterward?

Not right away. We’re going to play a game to see if anyone can guess who their secret valentine is.


That’s very exciting! So, can you tell us which names you’ve picked? We promise to keep it a secret!

Haha, of course. I picked Hally and Kinzie.

One of Hally’s favorite things is candy, so I’m creating a candy jar filled with chocolates, lollipops, and other sweets that she can enjoy on different days.

And on Kinzie’s list, she wrote that she loves stuffed animals and wearing red, so I made her a bear card that I’m going to color and decorate – with a pack of gummy bears taped inside!


Haha, I’m sure they’re each going to love their gifts. And I hope you have a blast when the big day arrives!

Oh yes, I haven’t participated in an activity like this in school before, so I’m really looking forward to it!


Thank you so much for sitting down with us today, Leo. And I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with all your classmates!

Thank you again. And have a Happy Valentine’s Day too!


Reading stories and talking with friends are great ways to improve your vocabulary. Try using the words from Leo’s interview below in your next friendly conversation:


Transferred – move from one place to another.

Semester – one half of a school year. Usually, a Fall or Spring semester.

Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange – a fun game where people choose a name at random and give a gift to that person on Valentine’s Day.

Participated – to join in an activity, game, or celebration.