Quick and Simple DIY Name Bracelets

Want to show your doll some love and create a bracelet that you can wear with her name on it? Make a DIY Name Bracelet with your doll’s name on it!

It’s like carrying a part of your doll around with you every day! ❤️










  • Stretchy bead cord (0.7mm)
  • Color beads
  • Letter beads


  1. Cut a piece of cord around 1 foot long (or long enough to go around your wrist with enough left over to tie the ends together easily)
  2. Tie a few knots around 2 inches from the end of the cord
  3. Add several color beads to your string (as many as required)
  4. Add your letter beads to spell out your doll’s name
  5. Add several more color beads to your string to complete your bracelet
  6. Now your bracelet is ready to wear! So pretty!

You can keep the same pattern of colors on both sides of the name, or use random colors. It’s totally up to you!

Every bracelet is a unique expression of the person who made it. That’s what makes each bracelet so special!

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