Grow Your Own Pea Plant: A fun science experiment inspired by Sia the Scientist



It’s no surprise that most of the wild and wonderful plants on our beautiful planet come from seeds.


We plant seeds in gardens and flower pots, and watch cool, tiny plant shoots spring up.


But how does a seed transform into a plant?

Join Sia, the Deluxe Our Generation Doll, for a cool experiment that will help you find out!




Sia the Scientist Pea Plant Experiment!


Sia is passionate about science and she LOVES discovering new facts about the world around her. She likes reading about science, researching her ideas, and conducting experiments to help her find out firsthand how things work.

This awesome experiment teaches children lots of great skills, like learning how things grow, measuring the growth, and how to nurture a living thing!





Children love to see their plants transform before their very eyes.

Look how quickly our plants grew over a period of 12 days!


Here’s everything you’ll need to grow your very own…



  • Clear mason jars (or regular drinking glasses)
  • Cotton balls (or paper towels)
  • Dry peas (or dry beans)
  • Plain tap water



1. Place your cotton balls in the mason jars.

2. Add a dry pea to the outer side of the jar (so you can clearly see how it transforms over time!)

3. Add water to the jar, enough so that the cotton balls are completely wet without having excess water sitting in the jar (you can tip the jar and drain any excess water easily).

4. Keep adding fresh water every few days so the cotton balls never dry out.



Just like Sia, you can document how fast your pea transforms!

Measure the bean’s progress every day, and document it in a diary.

You’ll start seeing the changes as quickly as a day or two.

After about 4 days, you can see little sprouts forming!



How about trying different environments?

An environment is made up of the conditions inside it, like the amount of light, the amount of water, and the amount of air circulation, to name just a few of the characteristics.

You could try putting one jar in a dark room all day, and another in a window where it will get lots of sunlight. Then you can measure the difference in growth between the plants!

Which one will grow the best??!?


How about adding music? You could place one plant in a room with a radio next to it all day, and another one in a very quiet and peaceful room.

Which one do you think would grow faster? Will it make a difference?


Once your pea plant experiment is done, you can help your peas keep growing into a plant! In your outdoor garden or in a small plant pot full of soil, carefully transfer the small pea shoot so that its roots are lightly covered in soil and the green, leafy part is pointing upwards. Water your pea plant every day (unless it is getting watered by rain!) and watch as it grows into a full-sized pea plant…and maybe even makes a few delicious peas for you to snack on! For more gardening fun with your dolls, check out the Our Generation Garden Theme Collection!

There are so many different experiments and tests you can do… all you need is your imagination to come up with some great ideas!

Even simple things like planting bee friendly plants in your garden can become an experiment! Follow the guide in our blog post, observe which flowers attract the most bees, and see how many bees you can count each day!

Just like you, your dolls can be VERY curious! Find more inspiration for discovering science with your dolls using the OG Schoolroom Science Lab!