Gift Guide – Sleepover-Themed Our Generation Dolls and Accessories!

Sleepovers are a great way to have fun and celebrate friendship, and OG Dolls love having sleepovers, too!

In this Gift Guide, we showcase some of the exciting products in the Our Generation Sleepover Theme Collection so you can create the perfect sleepover experience for your dolls!

For even more fun, let your friends join in! Check out our guide to discover the 12 Steps for the Perfect Sleepover and learn how to host your very own slumber party!

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Delightful Dolls!

There are lots of Our Generation Sleepover Dolls for you to meet! They comes wearing pajamas, but they love to dress up in all kinds of other outfits, too!

Which of the Sleepover Dolls will be your new Doll BFF?


Meet Gloria, a cute sleepover doll who is also the March Doll of the Month!



Meet Gloria!

Gloria is the March 2019 Doll of the Month!

She comes with an adorable set of pale blue short-sleeved pajamas with a sleepy-cloud print,

and a moon plush toy that she can cuddle at night for extra-sweet dreams!



Meet Lake, an adorable sleepover doll with fuzzy socks!

Meet Lake!

Lake is another Our Generation Sleepover Doll who absolutely loves sleepovers!!

She comes wearing a cute pink nightgown with a heart on the front – the perfect look for a sweet doll with a big heart!

She also comes with a soft and cuddly pair of fuzzy socks – the perfect sleepover accessories to keep her toes cozy!





Meet Jovie, a cute sleepover doll with a plush bunny!

Meet Jovie!

Jovie is an adorable Our Generation Sleepover Doll who is ready to be your snuggle bunny!

She comes with a pair of bunny print pajamas with quilted pajama pants that keep her extra snuggly at night.

She also comes with a miniature plush bunny toy! So cute! (We’ve heard she brings it everywhere she goes!)






Meet Willow, a deluxe doll with a storybook all about sleepovers!

Meet Willow!

Willow is an Our Generation Deluxe Doll, who comes with two outfits, a plush bunny,  and her own storybook!

Willow loves sleepovers, and you can read all about her adventures trying to plan a sleepover for her birthday in her storybook,

“The Most Fantabulous Pajama Party Ever!”

You can also play along with Willow’s story using the Willow Read and Play Set, featuring Willow’s signature songbird pajama set and her storybook.





Playful Pajamas!

Keep your dolls comfortable and cozy in a great pair of PJs! The OG Sleepover Dolls arrive already wearing pajamas, but any Our Generation doll can find the perfect PJs for bedtime!

There are so many awesome Our Generation doll pajama sets to choose from, your dolls could probably have a different pair for every day of the week!

Here are a few of our favorites:


Snuggle Monster

Snuggle Monster pajamas with cookies and milk!Who loves to cuddle and get cozy?

Who can you find sneaking down the stairs for one last sip of water…or a midnight snack of yummy cookies and milk, even after lights out?

It’s your dolls, dressed in the Snuggle Monster outfit, of course! This cute and colorful nightshirt has a cute monster print on the front, and the best part? Oversized plush monster-toe slippers!! this outfit includes a cookie and milk for your doll, so they will never get too hungry at bedtime. (After all, a good bedtime snack keeps the cutie monsters IN the bed, and not under it!)




Nighty Night Nightie Get cozy as a mouse with the Nighty Night Nightie outfit!

It was the night of your doll’s sleepover and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except this adorable mini plush mouse!!

This holiday pajama set is made of cozy plaid, and comes with a miniature plush mouse toy for your doll to cuddle.

It’s so adorable we think you could wear it all year long!




Me and You Bunny pajamas in macthing sizes for kids and dolls!




Me and You Bunny Pajamas

You’ll want to hop into your sleeping bags with this adorable set from the OG Me and You Outfitters, a collection of matching clothes for you and your doll!

The Bunny Pajamas come with a pair of PJs that are just the right size for your Our Generation dolls, and are available in sizes for kids, too!

Your next sleepover will be so much fun when you and your dolls can dress the same!  Do you think you’ll have the same dreams, too? only one way to find out!!




Awesome Accessories!

With Our Generation, all you need to head towards fun and adventure is your doll and your imagination. Here are some accessories that can unlock your imagination and inspire you to have lots and lots of sleepover fun with your dolls!


Sweet Dreams Scrollwork Bed with Cat Pillow Set up a nice bed for your dolls with the Sweet Dreams Scrollwork Bed!

Create a bedroom for your doll and give her a special area just for her with a great Our Generation doll bed,

like the Sweet Dreams Scrollwork Bed!

This adorable bed with a yellow metal scrollwork frame has a cute cat-face pillow – it’s sure to help your dolls have sweet dreams!






give your dolls all they need to stay overnight with this set!

Sleepover Essentials Set

When your dolls are getting ready for a sleepover, the Sleepover Essentials Set has everything they need to stay overnight!

Use the brightly colored zipper case to hold miniature toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap and a hairbrush for your dolls.

They’ll never forget anything important with this kit!





Having a unicorn at your slumber party is so much more fun!

Throw a magical sleepover with the Unicorn Sleepover Party Set!












Sleepover Party Set – Unicorn

Add extra magic to your doll slumber party sleepover with the Sleepover Party Set – Unicorn!

This doll accessory set has all kinds of sweet treats for your sleepover party guests,

as well as a cute unicorn hobby horse that they can take turns riding around!



Set up a super cool sleepover headquarters with this kid teepee!

Suite Teepee – Lilac

Last but not least, for an awesome sleepover party addition, check out the Suite Teepee – Lilac!

Set up this kid-sized teepee in your living room, rec room, or bedroom and create a cute and cozy space for you and your dolls to relax in!

Your slumber party guests will have fun playing in it, too!





These are just some of the amazing Sleepover Party dolls and accessories that you can choose from! To find more, check out the Sleepover Theme page.

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