DIY Mother’s Day Love Jars


The best gifts always come from the heart, and we’re making our very own Love Jars filled with care and kind words for Mother’s Day!

This gift is EXTRA special because we have to think of all the awesome things our moms have taught us, helped us with, and how they always made everything better. That’s why every reason that goes into the jar will help bring a smile to her face.

And even though sometimes we forget to say it, it will always be written down for them to read.


Follow our easy tutorial to get started!




● A jar with a lid (we cleaned and reused one we had)

● Sheets of paper

● Crayons and/or markers

● Scissors

● Scotch tape

● Ribbons, yarn, hearts, and decorative flowers (optional)


*Safety first: this colorful craft requires scissors. Please get help from an adult to make sure you complete this craft safely.



1. Write all the reasons why you love your mom on the sheets of paper. You can also use construction paper with colorful markers to write each one!

2. Next, use the scissors to cut out the reasons in slips (with adult supervision) and decorate them with pretty colors.

3. Fold the slips of paper in half and put them in the jar.

4. Create a title for your Love Jar by writing “Reasons Why I Love You” on another piece of paper.

5. Cut out the title (with adult supervision) and tape it to the front of the jar.

6. Optional: Tie a ribbon/yarn around the jar and add mini paper hearts or flowers for extra decoration.

7. You now have a special Mother’s Day gift!



Happy Mother’s Day to all the MOMS around the world!