7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We’re getting ready to celebrate Earth Day! There are so many great ways to show how much we appreciate our planet—from little activities that help keep the earth healthy to fun habits we can perform every day. 


Our OG Friends have thought of 7 awesome ideas for this year’s big day. So let’s join in the fun with their activities and tips below!   









Headed somewhere? 

Hop on your bicycle, grab your OG Scooter, or head out for a walk when visiting nearby areas to stay active. Use these fun transportation ways to explore your community and reduce the amount of pollution that motor vehicles leave behind. 



One of the most popular and easiest ways everyone can help our planet is by using less electricity. 

Trade TV for fun stories on our  OG Bookshelf  and form a book club with friends. You can talk about your favorite characters and let your imagination run wild by creating your own adventures. Or help conserve energy by turning off the lights during the daytime to use the sunshine instead. 



The earth is made up of about 71% of water, but less than 1% of it is available for us to drink. That’s why it’s important for us not to waste large amounts of water every day. 

Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shortening your shower by 1-2 minutes are simple ways that will help us save water for future generations. Complete our Energy Challenge Checklist to learn more ways to celebrate Earth Day! 



Plastic and paper bags can build up in landfills and end up in our oceanscausing problems for animals and marine life. Try switching to reusable bags when visiting your local markets and carry an eco-friendlier approach into your community. You can also use them for packing lunches, carrying items on a road trip, and much more!



You don’t have to go far to make an impact on Earth Day. Head to the backyard and fill your garden with plants, flowers, or a tree! Plants are important to the planet because they help clean the air and release oxygen for us to breathe. 

Take an extra colorful step and plant your favorite fruits and veggies. This will help reduce pollution by using less transportation to pick them up in stores! 



Take advantage of being outdoors by reminding yourself how beautiful our planet can be. Plan picnics with friends or family, have a fun yoga session in the backyard, or pack for a camping trip and discover all the amazing things nature has to offer! 



Help friends and family get involved with Earth Day by including them in your plans too. 

Teach those around you how they can lend a helping hand by creating color cards, each with a task or activity written inside that you can give out to classmates or neighbors to share your ideas. When more people participate, it gives our planet a better chance to shine! 

Psst:  Don’t forget to use recyclable materials when making cards!