5 Steps for Planning the Perfect Egg Hunt

Hop into excitement and celebrate with friends and family by turning a classic game into a super fun egg hunt. There are so many eggcellent ways to prepfrom colorful decorations, fun prizes, and of course, types of eggs to hide and find! 

Whether you’re younger, a little older, or putting together an egg hunt for the very first time, follow our 5 easy steps to get everything ready for the big day. 

Let’s start prepping! 








The fun begins at the very beginning, and choosing the eggs for your egg hunt is the most important step. 

Although plastic eggs are easier when it comes to prepping and hiding, adding hard-boiled eggs into the mix can be just as much fun! Use paint, colored pencils, food coloring, or color dyes to create your own personal designs. Each decorating option can give your egg its own unique touch, no matter if you’re adding one bright color, designing a rainbow, or anything in between! 

TipStart decorating your eggs in advance to make sure you have enough time to get them ready. And remember that once decorated, hard-boiled eggs are not safe to eat.  



Bring extra fun to your egg hunt by giving out unique prizes at the end of the game! 

If you’re playing with plastic eggs, fill them up with chocolate treats, sweet candy, jelly beans, and other yummy favorites. Or add something extra special like the Rock n’ Sweet set and pet bunny to pair with your favorite dolls!

Another creative way to hand out prizes is to place tickets inside the eggs that lead to other gifts or rewards. Take a slip of paper or a raffle ticket and label each one with a prize or an activity. Then after the egg hunt, players can trade in each ticket to earn that prize.  

Some of our favorite activities or rewards involve: 

  • One night of camping—outdoors or in the living room. 
  • A butterfly hunt, sports day, or dance party.
  • One hot chocolate with a marshmallow or yummy milkshake.  
  • A bike riding adventure.
  • Baking a birthday cake on any day.

If you’re playing with hard-boiled eggs, not to worry. Instead of opening a ticket, have players trade in their collected eggs for a prize! All you need to do is determine how many eggs each prize will be worth.



Decorating your space is the next fun step when prepping for a scavenger hunt! 

Get your home ready to look the part with colorful balloons, ribbons, and streamers. Or hop into arts and crafts to create cut-out signs to guide players once the egg hunt has begun. 

You can also sprinkle a little decor in the backyard by cutting out shapes like bunnies, eggs, and more themed items from construction or card stock paper. Then use glue or tape to attach wooden craft sticks on the back and scatter them around the yard. Depending on how many players are joining in the egg hunt, the backyard might be the best option versus hosting the activity indoors—especially if the sun is shining!



Now that all your eggs have been decorated and filled with goodies, it’s time to find the perfect hiding spots! 

(Psst! Make sure none of the egg hunters are peaking as we reveal each hiding place!)  

If you’re hosting an egg hunt indoors, places like under the pillow, inside shoes, near favorite toys and stuffed animals, or in drawers and cupboards will make it a little extra challenging for older players. And outdoor spots like the garden, behind trees, or in the mailbox are also hidden gems for egg hunting experts 

To make it easier for younger players, try hiding the eggs in easy-to see or easy-to-reach places. Room corners, under an upside down bowl, or in flower pots low to the ground will be much less challenging. And you can also tie a balloon around the eggs to help lead players in a playful way!



Add another fun twist to your egg hunt by using riddles and clues that reveal where each egg is hiding!

Print out our Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues and hide the eggs in each location. Then read the clues aloud to each player to help them collect the missing eggs!

TipRemember, the egg hunt doesn’t end until every egg has been found. So make sure to keep track of each egg and how many are in play to know where they are.

Good luck and happy hunting!