Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

We at Our Generation love to show family and friends how much we care every day. But on Valentine’s Day, we go that extra sweet step to make their day even more special. That’s why we’ve curated a list of doll friends, cuddly plushies, and fun accessories to fill their hearts with joy!


And for those who just can’t wait, our Valentine’s Day gift guide for kids begins with FREE coloring cards for instant fun!

Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Cards

Give little artists creative ways to say happy Valentine’s Day with 3 printable coloring cards – a sweet homemade activity to make for friends, family, and classmates!

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Doll & Book Play Set

Unbox it all! Coco arrives with realistic chocolate-making accessories and a storybook that lets eager readers recreate her school’s Valentine’s Day bake sale. Plus, her mixing bowl even smells like yummy chocolate for an extra special treat!

Our Generation Posable 18-inch Baker Doll Coco & Storybook

Posable 18" Doll - Coco

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Our Generation 18-inch Doll Coco Storybook

Writing with Chocolate

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Celebrate Galentine's Day!

Turn Valentine’s Day into a Galentine’s celebration with BFFs that shout love, kindness, and everything sweet!

Our Generation 18-inch Fashion Doll Martina

18" Fashion Doll - Martina

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Our Generation Camila 18-inch Doll with Braces

18" Doll with Braces - Camila

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Our Generation 18-inch Doll Lin

18" School Doll - Lin

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Our Generation Imani 18-inch Doll with Braces

18" Doll with Braces - Imani

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Our Generation 18-inch Fashion Doll Shelby Brown Eyes & Blonde Hair

18" Fashion Doll - Shelby

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Plush Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

These adorable 6-inch plushies are soft, cuddly, and have bendable legs, making each pet a perfect addition to their storytelling world.

Our Generation Siberian Husky Dog Plush Sitting

Siberian Husky Pup

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Our Generation 6-inch Turkish Angora Kitten Cat Plush

Turkish Angora Kitten

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Our Generation 6-inch Shih Tzu Plush in Bathtub

Spa Day Pup

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Mini Accessories

Your little sweetheart will have HEART EYES for these cute accessory sets!

Our Generation Surprise Jewelry Box Accessory Set for 18-inch Dolls

Surprise Jewelry Box

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Our Generation Beauty Bows Hair Accessories for Kids & 18-inch Dolls

Beauty Bows Set

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Our Generation Lovely Trips Travel Set for 18-inch Dolls

Lovely Trips

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18-inch Doll Clothes

Watch little ones explore dress-up fun with playfully themed outfits that they can mix and match!

Our Generation Sweet & Chic Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Sweet & Chic Outfit

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Our Generation Tooth Fairy Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Tooth Fairy Outfit

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Deluxe Sleepy Sloth Outfit for 18-inch Dolls

Sleepy Sloth Pajama

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There are so many ways to play with Our Generation dolls and accessories. We hope our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for kids will help spread joy and create lots of playful adventures!

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