A Blizzard of Fun and Friendship – An Interview with December’s Doll of the Month Katelyn!

Whether she’s doing axel jumps and figure eights on the skating rink or getting to know a mountain town during a blizzard, December’s Doll of the Month Katelyn brings kindness and friendship to everyone around her! Today we had a chance to chat with her to learn more about her life, friendships, and what brings her joy.

(PS – Look for definitions of words with a * at the end of the interview!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, Katelyn!

Thanks so much! I’m really happy to have the chance to chat with you, too!

We learned a little bit about you in the book “Blizzard on Moose Mountain,” but we’d love to hear more about your skating in particular! How long ago did you start, and what do you see yourself accomplishing in the future?

Well, I’ve been skating for a while now and it always surprises me how much I continue to learn about the sport. My skating has really matured*, and I have my eyes on competing even more in the future. I’m not sure that I’d ever be able to compete at the Olympic level, though. *she laughs* I mean, I will always try my hardest, but I’m not cut out for it personally. It does bring me a lot of joy though, and I’m pretty good at it, so I’ll keep doing it for as long as it continues making me happy!

Well, the Olympics aren’t for everyone! We’re happy to hear that skating brings you joy, and it seems to be a great way to make new friends too, like your new friend Annie!

Yes, it’s a great way to meet new people that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet! And isn’t Annie is a wonderful person and friend!? It can be really hard to introduce new friends into an old clique but she’s so special to me. She’s so kind and open-minded*, and we like some of the same things, like skating. I’m really happy that she’s been accepted into my group of friends too!

Seems like you’re very lucky to have so many friends! Why was it so important that Annie be a part of your group?

Well, I think because we all go to the same school, and I felt so much pressure to spend time with my old friends, I didn’t want to alienate* anyone. Annie is so sweet and I bet it’s hard to go to a new school where you don’t know anyone. I wanted her to feel welcome, and I thought it was a good experience for me and my friends to get to know someone new, too. It’s also so much easier to have all your friends like each other, so you don’t feel like you’re caught in the middle. Plus, it means we can spend more time all together instead of splitting my time between everyone. It’s just too bad they don’t all like skating.

Do you have any other hobbies other than skating that you can share with us?

Well, I’m skating a lot. *she laughs* But when I’m not skating, I’m usually spending time with my friends, making crafts, listening to music, and dancing. I’m not into many other sports, but during the summer I like to play tennis a lot, even though I’m not very good at it yet. It’s so much fun!

We’re so happy to have had this chance to talk with December’s Doll of the Month Katelyn! Read more about her in her storybook, “Blizzard on Moose Mountain!”


Words can sometimes mean different things. Within this interview, these words mean the following:

*matured: to become more advanced, or more skilled

*open-minded: willing to consider new ideas or concepts

*clique: a small group of people, with features in common, who spend time together and do not easily allow others to join them.

*alienate: to make someone feel unwelcome, or unwanted